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PE X Nintendo #76 - BIG NPD Sales for Nintendo & The Zelda Cycle Strikes!

PE X Nintendo 76 MS

We’ve got a massive episode of PE X Nintendo for you guys! eShop pick up of the week, NPD sales and The Zelda Cycle.

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  • Liquid-Sunrise

    When I first played Majora’s Mask, I didn’t hate it because it was different.
    I hate it due to how frustrating it was to get certain things done before time
    runs out and saves were limited. Now that they fixed many of the problems
    in the remake, I’m so loving this game! :)

  • Hardin Twentyfive

    Sonic cycle is similar, in a way.

  • Kidking17

    I loved Majoras Mask from day 1.

  • Saleem Rasul Abdul Aziz

    People generally dislike what is different. Remember when MM came out it was only a year after OOT so I think players were expecting more of the same and instead got something completely different.

    • Jon Turner

      Yeah I remember when MM got attacked for primarily taking a different direction from OoT, now come next game it’s praised. I’ve since seen that for EVERY Zelda title that’s come since. It’s tiresome, really. But I’ve learned to ignore it because some gamers will hate no matter what.

      • alex9234

        I haven’t seen anyone hate on Majora’s Mask. I’ve heard people say that it’s the best Zelda game though (which I disagree strongly on, Ocarina of Time is my pick). However, the Zelda I’ve seen get shat on the most is Wind Waker - remember back when Wind Waker was announced and all those gamers went bat shit crazy over the cel-shading? Dear god, man. And today, there are STILL people out there who shit on Wind Waker’s art style - most notably former X-play host Blair Herter and recently from ScrewAttack’s Craig Skistimas (you may know him as “Stuttering Craig”) when he was naming the GameCube’s top 10 games - Twilight Princess was #2 and he took shots at Wind Waker’s art style during that announcement (god-damn dudebros!!!) Majora’s Mask may get some hate, I’m sure, but compared to what Wind Waker gets, it’s a slap on the wrist at most.

  • Terrare

    I can’t wait for Zelda on the Wii U! Huge world to explore. I’ll be heaven. Hopefully though the AI is improved. Please no more hiding and moving past stupid guards while inside of barrels and stuff like that.