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PE X Nintendo #79 - Nintendo’s 2015 Lineup Without ZELDA!

PE X Nintendo 79 MS

On this week’s episode of PE X Nintendo, Nintendo discusses the amiibo shortage, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D eShop sales, more Smash Bros. DLC, and I break down how Nintendo’s 2015 looks without Zelda. Subscribe to PlayerEssence here!

  • person

    Another good thing about mario maker (IMO) is that it’ll somewhat nullify the
    New Super Mario Bros series and give Nintendo an incentive to make a new ‘proper’ 3D Mario game at some point.

    • PRIMUS

      You said something I did not even think of. That was brilliant thinking though.

    • Jon Turner

      You know I really love the idea of MARIO MAKER. Given how the franchise has become predictable, it’ll be refreshing to have a game where you can MAKE your own MARIO instead of waiting for yet another one.

  • SoccerStar9001

    I love Xenoblade 3D.