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Reggie Fils-Aime on Mobile Games and DeNA


Nintendo has done a complete 180 when talking mobile gaming. Reggie Fils-Aime didn’t believe in the platform back in 2010 when Polygon interviewed him. This is what he had to say about mobile gaming back then.

“Clearly, it doesn’t look like their platform is a viable profit platform for game development because so many of the games are free versus paid downloads. If our games represent a range between snacks of entertainment and full meals depending on the type of game, (Apple’s) aren’t even a mouthful, in terms of the gaming experience you get.”

Fast forward to E3 2015. What does Reggie have to say about mobile gaming this point, now that Nintendo has gotten into the business.

“We’re going to do it in a partnership with DeNA. DeNA has technical knowledge that we’re leveraging. They have a rapid iteration process to drive improvement in the content that we’re going to leverage, but Nintendo is going to create the content. We’ve announced that Mr. Kono, from Mario Kart fame, is going to be our lead developer on this.

And so from that standpoint things haven’t changed. It’s our IP, we’re going to leverage it and we do believe done properly it’s going to drive a positive experience with the IP and drive people back to our core video system business whether it’s handheld or console.”

Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: Polygon

  • Mythosa

    Yup. Reggie is just a guy that does what he’s told to do.
    Plus he won’t give any info on Devil’s third.
    I would have no issues if he moved on.