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Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric & Shattered Crystal Screenshots/art


4Gamer has uploaded some new screenshots and character art for Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric on Wii U, and Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal on 3DS. Check them out below.

Bravely Default tops 1 Million Physical Units Sold


Square Enix has announced Bravely Default has topped one million units worldwide. This is not counting digital sales on Nintendo’s 3DS eShop. The upstart RPG has sold over 600,000 units in the west. Japanese sales have topped 400,000. New details on Bravely Second were also revealed here. Via: Gematsu, Source: Square Enix

Bravely Second – Brand new Details on Agnes, Guatelatio, and more


Square Enix has shared some new details on Bravely Default on their official website for the game. There are new details on a brand new location called Guatelatio and info on Agnes. 

The Super Smash Bros. Show Ep. 5 – SSB for Wii U on November 21st?

Super Smash Bros Ep 5 CC thumb

We’ve got 100 new screenshots for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U! Plus is Super Smash Bros for Wii U launching on November 21st, 2014. Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content. **will go live at 12 AM Monday**

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Official North American Boxart

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Check out the official boxart for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in North America. 

Gaming Deals – Gran Turismo 6 – $25.75, Mario Kart 7 – $24.99

Gran Turismo 6

Amazon has some cool deals on Mario Kart 7 for 3DS,  and Grand Turismo 6 for PS3. Get both deals at the hyperlinks above.  

Nintendo Challenge: Live at San Diego Comic-Con Day 2


Nintendo is broadcasting live from the Nintendo Gaming Lounge at San Diego Comic-Con. Check out all the action below.

PE X Nintendo Ep. 62 – Hyrule Warriors is Looking Quite Burly!

Hyrule Warriors MS PE X Nintendo

On this episode of PE X Nintendo, I discuss The Swapper, Hyrule Warriors info blowout, Bayonetta 2′s online multiplayer, and how Nintendo is getting their swag back when it comes to marketing games. Subscribe to my PE Nintendo Channel for more awesome content!

Super Smash Bros for 3DS Tournament Going on at SDCC 2014


Just wanted to let you guys know Nintendo is streaming a 128 person Super Smash Bros. for 3DS tournament right now. I have the live-stream embedded right here, it’s also at the top of the page if you didn’t know.

Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Gameplay is Action Packed


Check out tons of new footage from Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson on the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo Comic-Con Live-Stream is Live!

Nintendo is live-streaming gameplay from some of the biggest titles to hit the market this fall. Check out all the action below. This page will be stuck to the top of the site for a few hours, but new posts on other topics will be found below.

Sakurai Shows off the the Menu for Smash Bros. 3DS


Masahiro Sakurai shows off the menu for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. It has Smash, Online, Challenge, Smash Run, Games & More, Street Pass, and Wii U. Sakurai also shows off the bottom screen as well.

3DS System Update 8.1.0-18 is live

zelda 3ds

Despite just having a system update a couple of weeks ago, Nintendo has released another system update for the 3DS. This one brings the OS to version 8.1.0. The update doesn’t add any significant features, only saying “Improved system stability and usability.” Source: Nintendo

Shovel Knight Update 1.1 Hitting Wii U and 3DS soon, full Patch Notes Below

Shovel Knight

Yacht Club Games has detailed the latest patch for Shovel Knight on the Wii U and 3DS. Checkout all the fixes below. The update is already available for PC users.

One Piece Super Grand Battle X Announced for the 3DS


Bandai Namco has announced One Piece Super Grand Battle X will be hitting the Nintendo 3DS this Winter. The game will feature four player battles, over 85 characters, and personal dream teams of fighters. The style seems to be a bit Chibi, check out the full scan below.

Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal Release Dates Announced


Sega has given the official release dates for Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric on Wii U and Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal on 3DS. The Wii U game will be available on November 18th in North America. The 3DS game will be out on November 11th in North America. No word on a European release date at the moment. Check out both boxarts below.

Nintendo has made 71 Brand new Franchises Since 2001


While many clueless gamers claim that Nintendo does not make new franchises or IPs, this article from Mii-Gamer just destroys that mindset completely. Mii-Gamer has rounded up all the new IPs Nintendo has made since 2001. And it reveals that Nintendo made over 70 new IPs in the time span. 

3DS Unboxing + Used Copies of Watch Dogs on PS4 Galore!

Dream Team GS CC
PE Nintendo takes a casual approach to unboxings and goes over some of the stuff people say, and do at GameStop. Subscribe to PE Nintendo for more awesome content.

Steel Diver Sub Wars (Premium Version) is 30% off on the eShop

Steel Diver: Sub Wars is currently 30% off on the North American eShop right now. The deal lasts till July 24th  so you better hurry!

Nintendo Minute – Capcom Visit


The Nintendo Minute team heads over to the Capcom headquarters to talk Capcom’s games on Nintendo system.

Playeressence has a YouTube Channel! You Should Subscribe!


Hello everyone! I just want to remind all the new readers that Playeressence does have an awesome YouTube Channel that is getting more and more popular by the day! We’ve got all sorts of original content from let’s play videos, speciality shows, and vidcasts. Check out some of our latest work below.

Nintendo Opens up hub page for Wii U & 3DS eShop Deals/Offers


Nintendo has just opened up a new hub page that will detail the latest eShop deals and offers. They are asking fans to bookmark the page, and check often for new deals in the future. Check out the page right here.