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Chris Pranger Discusses Working for Nintendo’s Treehouse

Nintendo Treehouse

Nintendo Treehouse employee Chris Pranger has talked about working for Nintendo, and the challenges that come with localizing games. Get the highlights of the podcast he had with Part-time Gamer:

– Nintendo’s media policy has recently changed regarding employees being more open about talking about their work but not spoilers or anything
– He is the voice of the first level boss in Star Fox Zero; also working on the game
– Talks about NOA using employees as voiceovers for fun and cheap work
– Nintendo has a game library where employees can check out games for all systems in order to be well-versed in gaming; this is how he played Bioshock Infinite
– Sakurai kills himself for his games; he is very sensitive to fan feedback
– Localization costs a ton of money and often the vocal minority of fans who want a game localized isn’t a large enough consumer base to justify the localization costs
– The original Xenoblade is an example he gives of this
– Nintendo of Europe ate the cost on that project

Via: Nintendo Everything 


    The money spent, was well worth it. Xenoblade Chronicles X exists because of the localization.

    • CapableTie

      Yea if localization cost are to high just make it in English from the beginning! I’m sick of having to wait after Europe or Japan. Localization cost being too high isn’t a valid excuse in 2015 for these ridiculous gaps between regions.