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Major Nelson Strikes Back, says he Loves Nintendo

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With EA Access on Xbox One, you can play Star Wars: Battlefront before anyone else. Major Nelson and the Xbox On team discuss this in a hilarious skit….. where Nelson admits to loving Nintendo as well….

  • ActivesiN

    Can’t wait for star wars battlefront, too bad the Wii u can’t run it lol

  • DarkSideGamesInc

    Nelson: “No… I love those guys”
    I laughed so hard XD

  • uPadWatcher

    I see that Phil Spencer isn’t the only one who loves Nintendo. Peace on Earth…

    • Wegotexclusives

      Everyone knows that if you buy 2 consoles it would be a waste to buy both x86 consoles.

      • D.M.T

        Not everyone knows that.

  • getagrip

    no not looking forward to that soulless EA generic trash with clanky aiming

    • 7thlevel JR

      no not looking forward to that soulless nintendo generic trash with clanky aiming aka star fox zero

      • uPadWatcher

        In other words, you also hate Platinum Games.

        • 7thlevel JR

          i dont but star fox zeros looks really rushed

          • Ryuken13

            Lets wait for a final product on Star Fox before final judgment and let’s consider how shitty the last few Battlefield games have been with regards to bugs and flaws.. Now let’s consider the quality of Platinum games..

            After reflecting on these things why don’t you talking shit?

            Getagrip is nuts and irritating but you are simply trying to push buttons..

          • 7thlevel JR

            Lets wait for a final product on battlefront before final judgment

      • DarkSideGamesInc

        No, not looking forward to that soulless anime generic piece of trash that’s the same as every anime.

        • 7thlevel JR

          what are you talking about?

  • Wegotexclusives

    Is he casting for the next Joker?

    • awang0718

      Well, Mark Hamill is getting a bit old…