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Devil’s Third - New Story and Gameplay Details


The European press has their hands on the final build of Devil’s Third for Wii U. Get a host of new gameplay and story details below. 


– Begins in an alternative present after the overthrow of socialism in the Soviet Union
– A group in favor of soldiers have defected from the new Russia plotting their revenge against the western world which was responsible for the upheavals in their country
– The name of this organization is called the “School of Democracy”
– The organization starts the attack in various parts of the world, causing serious damage in the process
– Central character is codenamed Ivan
– The other companions consisted of the top special forces of the Soviet Army
– Their code name are Big Mouse, Jane Doe, C4, Ludmilla, Grudla Saha
– This group is led by a shadowy figure who organized and trained the particular group using the ancient martial arts of his ancestors
– After many missions, the team has forgotten their original purpose which was to restore the former Soviet Union
– The latter mission they initiated the extermination of “dissidents” in a town in Latin America
– The Big Mouse and his team used chemical weapons to exterminate an entire city including the civilian population
– For Ivan, it was the straw that broke the camel back, which unleashed an internal conflict
– Ivan was then classified a traitor and ordered to be executed on the spot
– Ivan escapes with the intervention of UN forces which resulted with his arrest
– Ivan was imprisoned at Guantanamo high security facility and sentenced to 850 years in prison for crimes against humanity
– However, he came to an agreement and works for the US government as a liaison for the capture and destruction of his former group
– The “School of Democracy” set in motion their ultimate plan
– They aim for the destruction of all the satellites that were orbiting the planet, creating the so-called Kessler Effect
– They aim to destroy the communication network and weapons systems which the army of the allies of the western world were relying on


– Shooting and action
– There are situations where a gun is not helpful when facing an enemy close to you, so melee combat is necessary
– Ivan handles weapons like an iron beam, Japanese swords and other sharp objects
– Automatic rifles, pistols, rocket lauchers, are weapons
– Each has a different weight and utility in battle
– Ivan is relatively fast, but every time you carry a big gun it changes his behavior in battle
– Ex: when he holds a rocket, his evasion and jumping ability is lessened
– The opposite happens when you are in possession of light weapons
– Switch from third to first-person battles with the press of a button
– Online multiplayer not playable yet
– Once again, made with Unreal Engine 3
– Rough framerate

Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: Nintendo NeXt

  • diendong .

    I heard some of the bosses have one hit kill attacks. BRING IT ON!!!!!

  • Travis Touchdown

    Yeah, it sounds great. I’m excited.

  • Hardin Twentyfive

    “850 years in prison for crimes against humanity”
    I don’t understand why we give outrageous prison sentences like this.

  • Saleem Rasul Abdul Aziz

    This game MAY not qualify for the Nintendo seal of quality but I will get it anyway to support this game.

  • uPadWatcher

    Despite the journalists negative comments, I’m gonna buy Devil’s Third when it launches here in the United States like I had with Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge.

    • Travis Touchdown

      I feel as if people are just unused to ‘B’ games in general right now. It’s not perfect, sure, but it’s from a start up studio that went through a lot of trouble to finish it.

      It’s a shooter that doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on visuals and ‘cinematic’ elements, which is why it’s putting people off. The actual game play (Besides maybe the AI) seems fine.