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Final Fantasy VII Remake will have a more “Realistic System”


The Final Fantasy VII Remake will not just be a simple remake, believe it or not. The title will have a host of improvements outside of greatly enhanced visuals. Final Fantasy VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura, has shared some new details about the PS4 title.

Regarding the teaser trailer

Nomura: “We’re using part of that video in the game. We’re going to raise the quality even more.”

Regarding the choice of hardware

“You’ll be able to play it first on PlayStation 4, that’s for certain. We’re not thinking beyond that yet, so after that is undecided. Since we’re bringing out PlayStation 4 title after PlayStation 4 title, it’d be great if we can give the hardware and industry a boost.”

It’s not just an HD-ification, right?

“Final Fantasy VII is special, and we can’t ‘exceed’ the game by simply making the graphics nicer. That’s not a thing to be excited about.

“Precisely because it’s a full remake, I want to challenge what’s fun and what’s possible now.”

Will the scenario change or new characters appear?

“There won’t be new characters. As for the visual taste, we’re doing them to match today’s visuals and appear closer to reality.”

Regarding the game system

“I can’t share details, but we’re changing it to a more realistic system.”

Source: Gematsu

  • Jewelwriter Moonstar

    THIS…is a red flag. Anyone expecting FF7 Battle Mechanics to be safe…this has a chance now in HEXADECIMAL of living.

  • Wanderlei

    The cancer begins, anyone trusting modern day Square Enix or Sony to not stuff this up is kidding themselves.

  • Frankie4Fingers1983

    Soooooo they’re going to take the game that millions of ppl want remade and change it? All the “changes” they’ve made to the FF series has turned ppl off. Hopefully they don’t change it too much. Ppl want ff7, not a game that is ff7 in name and different than what it was.

    Seriously, look at wind waker remake. Those mahfuckas charged if a tad and it was brilliant. I hope for the sake of the ppl that love ff7 they don’t fudge it up.

    Now I’m actually glad I’m not a ff7 nut, so this won’t affect me.

    Now SE, friggin remake FF6 lol

    • GeneralBrown178

      That’s the thing that worries me, when Nomura touches something, it gets transformed into a turd.

      • Frankie4Fingers1983

        It should be a concern for people, based on recent history of SE.

        If a game of great, it doesn’t need to be changed, just updated.

        • GeneralBrown178


        • Frankie4Fingers1983

          I also wonder if they’re going to keep the pre-rendered backgrounds, of if they’ll make it 3-d.

  • DCBlackbird

    Aw man I was digging that 90’s anime aesthetic. Oh well

  • Mythosa

    I doubt all of this well be well received. People don’t often know what they want lol.