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Monolith Soft Helped Develop Splatoon, Would work on Zelda Wii U if Needed

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My favorite developers in the world, Monolith Soft, has discussed working with Nintendo and helping out with Zelda Wii U they’re needed.

GI: Can you describe Monolith’s relationship with Nintendo? How often do you assist with Nintendo’s first party games versus working on your own stuff?

Takahashi: There’s both kind of work that we do. Whenever we’re working on one of our own titles like Xenoblade Chronicles X, we’ll have weekly development meetings with Nintendo where we discuss our progress with the game. Whenever we’re not busy with our own projects, we have the opportunity to help out with some of the projects that are being developed at Nintendo. A recent example of this is Splatoon.

GI: So with the team’s experience now in the open-world genre, I’m curious if you can offer any tips to the Zelda Wii U team? Is there some knowledge that can be transferred there? I know Monolith helped work on Skyward Sword.

Yokota: So as it turns out, in the development of this game we had a lot of opportunities to prepare reports and feedback on the technology and the different kinds of problems that we encountered. When we’re able to share those documents internally, they’re going to go to all the other teams so they’ll be able to draw from them and I hope that those guys working on that game will be able to benefit as well.

GI: Is there any chance that you’ll be supporting that team once again after this project is fully done?

Takahashi: I mean I suppose it’s possible, but we haven’t heard anything. I would want to say that Monolith Soft is always available and we would love to help anytime people ask us.

Read the full interview at Game Informer

Via: GoNintendo

  • Liquid-Sunrise

    This sounds cool!
    It would be even cooler if Monolith create their own entry in the Zelda saga. :)

  • Matthew Wesley

    Ummmm… I’m cool with them helping, but no Xenoblade crossed with LOZ.

  • Hardin Twentyfive

    Imagine it now… The Legend of Zelda X Xenoblade… You may be feeling it, but nobody’s body is ready.
    Zelda will get the RPG elements the second game failed to deliver, and Xenoblade will get a good push.
    I would hand deliver Nintendo the money the day if is announced

    • Phantom_6thMan

      Real horses can’t fly mechs.

      • Hardin Twentyfive

        The Zelda series defies logic all the time…but yea, that’s pushing it. Maybe Epona could be a mech.

        • Phantom_6thMan

          An Epona mech would be god like lol.

    • Jet Hammer

      Link gaining mechanical body upgrades after every dungeon, hookshots integrated into his hands, for example. Luv it.

      • Hardin Twentyfive

        I’ll love if we get the party system. Link, Zelda, Impa (maybe a fourth…Groose).
        *Sigh* we can dream.

        • Matthew Wesley

          If Zelda had a party system… it wouldn’t be a Zelda game. Zelda is about a young person, facing impossible odds, by themselves- and yes, Triforce Heroes is a spinoff; It doesn’t take the place of the more traditional structure.

          • Hardin Twentyfive

            I don’t think a change of game mechanics justify if a Zelda game is a Zelda game. You bring up Triforce Heroes, which utilizes a party system of some sort. So does Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures.
            Link has not been overcoming trials by himself as of late. He has had someone by his side, whether it was Navi, Tatl, Ciela, Fi, Midna, or Zelda. Now they might not have done the dirty work (exception is Zelda) but they were with Link from the beginning to the end.
            I remember you saying you have played most, if not all, the Zelda games, so my understanding is that you prefer the way it has been for decades. I’m cool with that. I’m just saying it wouldn’t hurt to mix it up with a system another great series have.

          • Matthew Wesley

            Those games you bought up are spinoffs. Fair enough- you want a spinoff of a Zelda game with an Rpg style… that’s your tastes; but as far as traditional LOZ’s go, keep it traditional.

    • Mythosa

      I actually prefer the idea of two separate epic games 😀

    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeqVK6IRhSAzMTVrInpg03Q Otaku DJK1NG

      Uh Skyward Sword.

  • PS3RULEZ890

    First, cue the hate 😉