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Project X Zone 2 - New Character Trailer


Check out a couple of character trailers for Project X Zone 2 on the Nintendo 3DS. The game is launching this fall!

Source: Bandai Namco

  • Prütsa

    Team Megaman + Arthur is going to beat the snuff out of this game.

  • Wonder Dean

    Looks really cool. Was the first game any good? I heard it was really repetitive and kinda boring, are those valid criticisms? I don’t really want a game that’s all style and no substance even if the animations are that good.

    Also c’mon Capcom, give me my MONSTER HUNTER representation! (and get Cross outside of Japan while you’re at it).

    • Phantom_6thMan

      it’s a pretty fun game. It was cool to see all the characters from different games interacting with each other. It does get a bit repetitive after a while.

      • Wonder Dean

        Should I get the game if I won’t know most of the characters then?

        • Phantom_6thMan

          Sure. If you’re into RPGs and like anime style games.

    • abINC4l

      I found the game no more repetitive than Fire Emblem Awakening (take that as you will). The game did move at a much slower pace though, especially with the maps filled with hordes of enemies that outnumber you 3:1. The battle system was pretty awesome, encouraging you to memorize how each unit’s attacks behaved (whether it launched them upwards, back or downwards) in order to obtain the highest combo possible.

    • DCBlackbird

      In my opinion it is extremely repetitive and ridiculously easy for a tactical role playing game. The amusement comes from banter between the characters and the easter eggs. The combat sequence are nicely animated and only require pushing the d-pad to unleash a flurry of combos. It’s all timing and it’s not difficult timing at all. The worst part of it in my opinion is that this game is so looooooooooooong and each chapter has the same formula. Bad guy comes in and summons some fiends, outta nowhere fiends form 1 or 2 different franchises show up and join the fray. You beat them and another bad guy enters and leaves his mooks so you can use up another 20 minutes. The party rests and wonders why these villains are involved with each other rinse and repeat. This game will take so much time to beat ne chapter takes 30 minutes to an hour to finish, and there are 50 something chapters. The only difficulty spike this game has in my opinion is multiplying the number of enemies by two and my throwing one more boss character. For example in Chapter five you’re taking on about 15 enemies and a boss by chapter 40 you’re taking on 60 enemies and 4 bosses. While that sounds overwhelming you have a enormous surplus of healing items that you can use ANYTIME, and a majority of them heal your whole party. A bit of an aggressive review but yes I do agree with those criticisms.