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Sony Might have Purchased back the Crash Bandicoot IP


More evidence is piling up that Sony might have purchased back the Crash Bandicoot license. More details past the link. 

The official Crash Bandicoot website, owned and operated by Activision, has been shutdown. Plus, any trace of Crash Bandicoot has been removed from Activision’s website.

If Sony got their hands on the Crash Bandicoot license, and they could make a quality game on the PS4. I would go out and buy a PS4 instantly. I love Crash Bandicoot, but this is by no means a confirmation. However, its good to know Activision doesn’t have the license anymore. They’ve done nothing with it for the past decade.


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  • mohuz

    according to Adam Boyes, Activision still own Crash, so yeah :/

  • crocodileman94

    Good. Now do the same with Spyro.

  • http://galezia.com TripleMMM

    Now that would really bring back my interest in Sony again. Crash, Jak and Dex, Spyro, bloody hell even Sly Cooper were the reason why I was interested in Sonys PS1 and PS2 in the first place. :)

    But what I fear is that Crash may not do very well with the new crowd that Sony has as of late and may have a huge chance to screw Sony's more colourful franchise that they have/obtain. I certainly hope this shall not be the case!
    I also fear that they might mishandle the game like how EA is doing with theirs or Microsoft with Killer Instinct in the beginning… :/

  • DJK1NG

    meh Crash games were boring.

  • CaptainDestruction93

    If true this will be a major score for Bandicoot fans and for the Playstation brand in general. What would be really cool is if Sony could also swing getting Spyro again but seeing as he is a big hit with Skylanders I don't see Activision selling him anytime soon.

  • Caley19

    Crash HD collection with the original PS1 games, a new Crash Bash and Crash tag team racing for both PS4 and PS Vita would be cool

  • PlayersChoiceNetwork

    Bring the 90's back BABY

  • siu leung

    Seems like a waste of money. Crash hasn't been relevant for quite some time now, and it's definitely not dude bro enough for Sony's current demographic. But I could be wrong.

  • deax2er

    They also need Jet Moto, don't forget jet moto, and not to mention all of the amazing rpgs fro mthe PS era…Bring back working designs, and their amazing rpgs.

  • ryuken13

    This is cool!!! Now Rare just needs to buy back KI to redeem the IP and Crash Bandicoot before Microsoft ruins it too. I can imagine the next Crash game.. The 1st level is free.. And then?? Kinect integrated and plenty of QTE for everyone!!

    • zoogelio

      Rare isn’t the same company they used to be. There’s no going back to what they were in the 90s and nearly 00s.

    • Matthew Wesley

      There's only one problem with that statement… Microsoft owns Rare. They can't buy back shit… because all of their ip's are Microsoft's to do with as they (Microsoft) please. Just let Rare die off, so we don't have to see anymore of their ip's raped. Let Rare die with dignity.

      • Jewelwriter

        It probably would be fore the best if the IPs were sold….and hopefully they'll live a better life.

  • MarkieMX

    Now all they have to do is buy back Spyro and have Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games work on them. That would be the only thing to make me get a PS4. That and the Legend of Dragoon. This is good news though. Crash deserved more than Activision.

    • Jewelwriter

      I think the odds that what you wanted happening is as slow as someone rolling 10d6 and hoping for all 6.

  • NUKE


    • ryuken13

      I just love your comments.. Trolling is fun!! Wishing death on a corporation.. Wow.. I am speechless. Sad. Truly sad..

      • Titan64

        The sickening irony that just happened not too long ago.

  • markwang125

    Interesting; being that I've never really played Sony IPs (got Killzone at PS4 launch; not a bad game, but a disappointment), this may be a nice game to pick up if it is ever to come out.

  • Steven

    If Sony actually owns Crash now and are planning on making a new entry, it may just get me to buy a PS4, but only if Naughty Dog makes it.

  • donzaloog

    Sony doesn't have the Knack to make good platformers anymore.

    • Mythosa

      lol. Clever 😀

    • Matthew Wesley

      Arguably speaking, if you look at Sony's ip's without the nostalgia glasses on, none of their ip's are really that good. Crash was sloppy as hell, Pa Rappa was unique (but Sony made one sequel and stopped supporting it), Ape Escape was ok for what it was, Twisted Metal was over rated (yeah, I said it)… Sony's bread and butter has always been third parties. Their first party efforts have been…. rather lackluster, the caveat is that during the ps1 days they had technology on their side. Now, with graphics and processing power plateauing, the games have to be about gameplay… which has never been Sony's greatest strength.

  • Mythosa

    Crash was good at one time, but so was Banjo… Crash has got to be better than Knack though. Sock face or whatever it's name is from little big is a much better IP than Knack.

    • Matthew Wesley

      A sock full of rocks is better than Knack, a game being better than Knack isn't a high benchmark of quality.

      • Mythosa

        LOL! Too true. But I meant that Sony has that dude from little big planet as an IP, but they seem to have put him to the side again, just like they did with all their other good ones that have come and gone.

        Holy crap, already a -1 with my post. Some people be hatin.
        Oh, and I'm gonna give you a thumbs up cause I just noticed yours is at 0 for some reason. I could understand the - or 0 if you said Crash sucked or something, but seriously…

        Edit: Oh, I think we had a troll roll through and vote pretty much every comment down lol!

        • Matthew Wesley

          Sackboy (or girl) is an interesting character. Is Little big planet Sony's Mario? Hell no. Little big planet as a player created content facilitator is nice… as a sit down and play game? The in game physics are shit, the jumps are imprecise (a must for platforming), and it's gameplay is lacking. It's another Sony ip, much lauded by Sony fans, that isn't really that good. Now, if Sony wants to really kick some ass, they should bring back Ape Escape and Pa Rappa.
          *And Jak and Daxter

  • Twinkie

    Can someone explain to me why Sony originally lost the IP? Just curious.

  • sin

    I thought this was naughty dogs. I want this guy in smash. lol knack

  • DePapier

    They sold the Crash IP before???

    That's like Nintendo selling Mario or something…

    • Travis

      I wanna say that Sony never actually owned the IP. They had publishing rights for the first three (Four?) Crash games. Not 100%.

      • Mythosa

        I thought Cerney (don't think I spelled it right) created Crash?

      • Amigaengine

        It belonged to Naughty Dog

        • TsUaS

          Actually, Naughty Dog never owned Crash. They were contracted by Universal to develop Crash 1-3. Sony never owned the Crash IP either. They only acted as the publisher, getting exclusivity for that. Crash was actually owned by Universal, then by Vivendi, and currently by Activision.

    • Matthew Wesley

      No it's not. Crash is a well known ip, not a particularly high selling one.

      • DePapier

        Don't we both know Sony basically created Crash as a Mario-killler?

        • MortyF1

          Crash was created for Universal by Naughty dog. Sony did not even own Naughty dog when Crash was created so when Sony bought them, Universal took Crash elsewhere to TT Games.

      • zoogelio

        It used to be. The 3 PS1 Crash Bandicoot games are in the top 15 best-selling PS1 games, a status shared with Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Gran Turismo. It never outsold Mario of course, but at the time, it was a big, best-selling franchise. It just went downhill post-PS1.

        Of course, I’m not sure Sony knows how to make good platformers anymore, let alone mascot based games or have them sell with their mighty Sony marketing machine (If Knack & Sly Cooper are any indication). They turned their install base so against platformers and anything not 50 shades of brown & gray that even if they made a respectable game, it will probably sell like crap.

        • Matthew Wesley

          You've hit the nail on the head. Crash Bandicoot was designed as a Mario killer… it is/was popular with Sony fans because it was one of the few platformers available on the system that didn't suck… but to equate any of the Crash Bandicoot games to a Mario game is false. Mario literally eats up Crash for breakfast, and spits it out for lunch. To even mention that game in the same breath as Mario is insulting to Nintendo. I played Crash back in the day and it played like what it was; a budget platformer. Comparing Crash to Mario 64 however… well, there's a reason Mario is the king.

  • King Slime

    My PS4 is ready.