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Yo-Kai Watch - First English Anime Trailer

Yo-kai Watch

Yo-Kai Watch will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS and TVs near you this fall! Get the first English anime trailer below.

  • dacomentr

    Looks cool

  • Danfordun

    INB4 this isn’t the same as the Japanese version, therefore it sucks.

    I do like both versions’ opening, though. It’s all silly to me.

  • TimG57867

    Can’t wait for both game and the show! I was thinking of watching the anime sometime online but this will save me the trouble. Hope this show encourages people to check this game out this fall the same way it turned Yokai Watch into a phenomenon in Japan.

    Not only would it be cool to see Yokai Watch become Level 5’s next worldwide hit, but it could also serve as further encouragement for Nintendo to give TV shows another go. It’d be interesting to have other Nintendo franchises with anime besides Pokemon and it could give them some much needed exposure.