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Devil’s Third wont have Cross play Between the Wii U and PC Version s for Obvious Reasons


Devil’s Third is coming to Wii U and PC this fall in North America, with an August launch for Europe and Japan. Itagaki has stated the PC version will not have cross play with the Wii U version do to control input differences. PC players would have a huge advantage over Wii U players.

  • Saleem Rasul Abdul Aziz

    That kind of also confirms no work on patching in Wiimote or Gyro support =(

    Sad sad sad

  • Bernadet Gnuyen

    PC version is going to be free to play, its only a cash grab that will make PC gamers want to play the complete version …lol good luck with that. WiiU version is complete version nough said. I am preordering this game its bound to be madness 16 player online game play here I come!! …I really see no advantage at all just a cash grab PC gamers have money though they can do it ^_~.

  • Macreen Smith

    Well lets just hope online has plenty of players.
    Speaking of online, has anyone having trouble playing with People on the 3DS Version of Smash?

  • *NormalGamer*

    Once again, i’m not bothered; regardless if cross play is included or not, quality good gameplay is ‘always’ my first priority when it comes to buying my games.