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Fast Racing Neo - E3 2015 Gameplay Footage Looks Amazing

fast-racing-neo2-656x369 (1)

Check out this footage of Fast Racing Neo on the Wii U. The Treehouse team and Shin’en showed it off on Nintendo’s Treehouse live show @E3 2015. See all the speed below.

Source: Nintendo

  • Dazzla84

    It looks absolutely, utterly, stupendously AMAZING!!!

    Take note Slightly Mad, this is how you do great graphics on a Wii U and make them work smoothly


    Why does Nintendo not just publish this and give us a hard copy. It would be cheap, all the work has been done by Shin’ en.


    It is better than that Metroid prime galaxy force that is for sure. These guys out did a Nintendo studio, with a ten people studio.


    Ok fellow Player essence The storm has been defeated. We are gaming and posting again. Let us go.

  • Max Patterson

    For those wondering where Devil’s Third is apparently it’ll be making an appearance today in the Treehouse stream, or so I’ve been told.

  • android138

    every nintendo gamer should be investing in these guys. they put in the alot of time and effort. but most importantly passion. i just hope they keep pumping out nintendo exclusives.

  • getagrip

    released at 4k on nx

    ok il stop being a dick now

    • gaugheyad

      4K on the NX?


      16K ON THE NX 2… NX-ERX…. ER….. NX-EY! OR BUST!!!!!!

      • Titangamecube

        Is it sad to say that this guy has more credibility than a lot of people on this site? And hes trolling….

    • gaugheyad

      4K on the NX?


      16K ON THE NX 2… NX-ERX…. ER….. NX-EY! OR BUST!!!!!!

  • Hardin Twentyfive

    Saw it live, almost lost my shiz

  • stoneman

    looking very solid. and i am also very happy to see it runs smoothly.

  • metroidkong

    Looking good. Pretty challenging. Definitely giving off that F Zero GX x Wipeout vibe.

  • abINC4l

    In the words of Reggie: My body is ready.