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Sony is Partnering with Yu Suzuki for Shenmue III’s Development


Sony and Yu Suzuki will be partnering together to promote Shenmue III on PS4. SCE Third Party Productions boss Gio Corsi announced on the PlayStation official E3 live stream.

“Absolutely,” Corsi said when asked if Sony is involved. “First off, Shenmue III was the number one ask on the whole #BuildingTheList campaign, so when that first started, right off the bat, ‘Shenmue III, Shenmue III, Shenmue III.’ So this has been an ask for as long as I’ve been at PlayStation. And we met with Suzuki-san at GDC last year and we started the long road to try and figure out how we were going to get this whole thing made.

“We said, ‘the only way this is going to happen is if fans speak up,’ and we thought Kickstarter was the perfect place to do this. So we set a goal for $2 million and if the fans come in and back it, then absolutely, we’re going to make this a reality. So, Sony and PlayStation are definitely a partner in this game, and it’s going to be run through Third Party Productions with Ys Net. We’re going to get the game done. We’re going to be partners the whole way, and we’re really excited to see this thing come out in a couple of years.”

Source: Gematsu

  • Wanderlei

    Sony SUCK at game development, any involvement they have is a BAD thing.

  • Agt_Pendergast

    So wait a minute. I don’t really care for Shenmue, but something has been on my mind. Nintendo saves a franchise from death (Bayonetta 2), funds it completely out of their own pocket, includes the original, touched up and with extras. They get death threats, petitions to bring it out on the systems the original was on, and an online movement to boycott the game. Shenmue 3 is exclusive to PS4, where if I recall correctly, the previous versions weren’t on a PlayStation console. And they ask the fans a down payment on it. And applause, a brilliant idea, Nintendo should try that. Am I getting this right?

    • Titangamecube

      The hypocrisy of the industry is showing.

    • gaugheyad

      It’s the magic of selective amnesia.

      when it comes to Nintendo everyone seems to have an eidetic memory. When it comes to Sony or MS they suddenly become alzheimers patients.

  • Hardin Twentyfive

    I have no problem with Shemue being on Kickstarter. What I do have a problem with is that Sony advertises this game BEFORE it launched on Kickstarter. Which means that they could have done the funding themselves if they knew about it and are willing to help with development on their system.
    That’s stupid as hell.

  • Phantom_6thMan

    This is cool for the Shenmue fans, I hope it turns out good.

  • TsUaS

    People do realize that some kick starter being successful doesn’t equal sales right? All some >40k backers proves is that a small minority is willing to throw money at a game. This was nothing more than a scam to get some free money. Imagine if it was Nintendo, would people seriously be applauding them?

    I’m not saying there aren’t legitimate kickstarters out there, but for those games like this (MN09, BS, Yuka) that had all but secured funding beforehand, they are. If some multi-billion dollar company wants to test a game’s market viability/appeal, there are other platforms they could have used. They’re all free with more visiblity to boot nor do they ask consumers for money to prove a game’s viability.

    Do Facebook, Youtube, twitter, or other social sites and gaming sites suddenly no longer exist? They couldn’t have used any/all of those social sites to gauge interest? Do we ignore that in the same article, they already stated the demand was there with their #BuildTheList campaign which negates the need for a Kickstarter?

  • Gearchin

    KS and the way some things are being done has been a fine line recently. Glad Shenmue 3 will come to fruition but we shouldnt be condoning/praising KS to get money from fans. There is a fine line and it isnt going to end well.

  • Mega Prime

    You know the last game cost 47mil to produce so this idea was pure genius. Maybe Nintendo and MS should copy this.

  • ednice

    Man I can’t believe-
    Whatever a good game is being made.

  • Travis Touchdown

    They should NEVER have gone to Kickstarter for this, and I think that in itself is a reason not to support the game.

  • 7thlevel JR

    where that definitive wii u version of shenmue 3 ?


    The idiots on this comment section are astonishing be grateful that the game is even happening and if you actually think Shenmue 3 can be made for $2million then you are a special breed of moron

  • Titangamecube

    I can’t believe some of the comments here. The fact that Sony just advertised a Kickstarter to fans of a beloved franchise and then asked for FUNDING of said game when they damn well know they can do it themselves. But thats fine because its Sony and not anyone else. That is unacceptable. Its unbelievable actually.

    • Prütsa

      Don’t bother my good man. It doesn’t matter what you say people won’t listen, the gaming industry is already dead. I’m just going enloy my games now and try too ignore what people do with the industry i love and try not being a part of the problem.

      • Titangamecube

        Its just…good god. If the people here threw a tantrum over Nintendo’s E3 but accept this, they have no arguments at all.

  • Ryuken13

    Cannot believe some of the things being said on this thread.. Lots of bias against Sony.

    With regards to the Kickstarter: Good idea for marketing purposes.

    IMO Kickstarter is simply preordering taken one step further back in development cycle (The cycle is in early stages or just conceptualization)..

    Do I like the Kickstarter trend?? No.. Wish it was just for indies that really need the $$.

    However, the Kickstarter tool is out there and Sony is using it wisely. In a perfect world, a project like this shouldn’t be on Kickstarter. That said, they are breaking no rules and it is advantageous for them to do so..

    • person

      Yeah, I don’t mind. People get a copy of the game for a $30, pledge, so Sony aren’t making any extra money. Pledgers just buy the game at a (probably) reduced price before it comes out. Sounds pretty fair to me. Sony and the director (can’t remember his name) get assurance that they will at least break even on the game due to good interest from people, and fans know that the dev has enough money to finish the game. I don’t really get what the problem is.

    • Kidking17

      You guys are not commenting right, you comments are negative and angry enought!

    • gaugheyad

      So you’re supporting them LYING to people with a FRAUDULENT Kickstarter?

      Does the Kickstarter state outright what it’s purpose was for? If it did, do you think it would be seeing anywhere near the support it’s getting?

      It was pitched as a PC/PS4 game that was being developed by a small group with no money, not as a project being developed by Sony which now may actually be a PS4 exclusive and the whole reason for its existence was to rip off gullible people.

      This is not okay.

      The fact that people can and actually ARE defending this garbage shows just how bad things really are. You’re okay with being lied to and ripped off. Well, whatever then. It’s your money to throw away. Don’t say anyone didn’t warn you though.

      Considering the outrage over Nintendo these last two days you’d think someone would be angry about this but I guess it doesn’t matter how dishonest these companies are as long as you get your next fix. Apparently ethics and morality go out the window as soon as Shenmue 3 enters the picture.

      And make sure that you keep this crap away from any games I like because if this stupidity infects my games I’m going to come back on you for it. You accepted it. You let it go. YOU encouraged it. Any fallout is squarely on YOUR shoulders.

      • Ryuken13

        Lying?? Man you are overreacting.. Kickstarter has a “terms of use”.. Not going to walk you through getting that info.

        In fact, your post is way overboard and you are taking this far too seriously. IMO you need to cool off a bit and maybe your perspective will change.

        My last post on this thread. This is getting fucking too dramatic for me..

        • gaugheyad

          I’ll just leave this right here:


          Show me how what they did isn’t textbook lying and you’ll have a point but you’re going to be hard pressed to do it because that’s what they did, and you know it.

          As I’ve said before, people will put up with anything to get what they want. Raising prices, rip-off DLC, horrid DRM, online-only games (even for single-player games), and now fraud.

          Enjoy your games while you still can. They won’t be around much longer the way things are going and it’s apathetic people like you that are the cause.

          • Ryuken13

            Apathy? You do realize you have not found the right buttons to push to piss me off?

            Honestly, when you take things to these extremes I do not gave a shit about what you think about me or anything else..

          • gaugheyad

            I’m not trying to piss you off I’m pointing out what I’m seeing. I’m seeing someone defend a company for doing something illegal because it’s either over a game they want to play or they just don’t care.

            What would you call it?

          • Ryuken13

            I call the way you are posting comments to me inflamatory and insulting. You might not realize it now but the posts you made to me are easily taken that way.

            At this point, the discussion is over as far as I am concerned.

            No hard feelings let’s just give this subject a break between us? Agree to disagree etc..

          • gaugheyad

            If you want to see them as inflammatory then maybe you should. Supporting this action is damaging and sets a VERY dangerous precedent. If getting angry is the only way you’ll eventually come to realize the extent of what you’re condoning then get angry.

            This isn’t something that should have ever happened and NO ONE should be defending it. Anyone that does is saying that it’s perfectly acceptable for anyone to lie and commit fraud as long as they get something out of it. That’s not acceptable to me and it shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone else.

            The ends DO NOT justify the means.

          • Ryuken13

            Do you understand I don’t care what you think on this topic and I don’t want to discuss it with you anymore?

            We have gone way past the option for meaningful dialog. Let’s just not talk anymore on this please..

    • getagrip

      BIASED what are you talking about ITS A BACKWATER STARTER sony is suposedly a magor corp

      so are we kickstarting nintendos games next FANBOY

  • person

    So is Shenmue 3 coming out for PC AND PS4, or just PS4? Either way, I’ve never played S1 and 2 but I do like the look of them. Maybe they should remaster S 1 and 2 to bring newbies to the series up to speed or the plot.

  • getagrip

    kickstarter mario galaxy 3 LOL SONY

  • getagrip

    this is HYPE its a kickstarter pure and simple sony aint doing shit,but putting there faces in the picture

    like a random guy walking past a wedding and getting into the wedding pictures

    more NONSENSE from sony

  • Kidking17

    So they wanted to see if there was demand for this game before finding it? Or are they partially funding it, since it’s coming to PC as well. Will this be a Street Fighter 5 type game where it’s PC and PS4 only?

  • Ray01X

    Sony is still the sleazy liar we all know and seemingly tolerate.

    • Titangamecube

      This just proves one thing that I have been always saying about Sony and Microsoft: They pay for thirds. This is clear cut evidence of that.

  • gaugheyad

    This is getting absolutely ridiculous.

    So Sony was ALWAYS going to fund the game, they just wanted proof, in the way of gamers throwing money at even the prospect of the game getting made, before they would do it.

    I would consider that LYING to your fans, and to Kickstarter. I wonder if it’s against their terms of service to knowingly defraud people with what amounts to a fake Kickstarter?

    First Sony sets up a group to actually PAY FOR and even DEVELOP 3rd party games (Hello Street Fighter 4 and 5!) and now they have to resort to Kickstarter to raise funds for said games? Wow…

    And what is this bull about raising $2 million and they’ll fund it? If they’re really going to be funding the game the way people are going to be expecting them to they’re going to end up spending a whole hell of a lot more than $2 million on it.

    So what exactly did all of this achieve?

    • Nin12gage

      This prove Sony untouchable this gen if the can pretty much ask there fans for money to support a game for them

      • stoneman

        i think it goes to show just how badly microsofts blunder helped sony in 2013. and to think all sony did was keep the status quo.

        • gaugheyad

          Where in the hell are you getting that idea from? How does Sony setting up a fake Kickstarter and defrauding people have anything to do with MS?

          This situation was coming either way because they know there’s pent up demand for the game so they decided to use that to manipulate people into giving them free money. If MS had gotten the game and did the same thing it would have had the same outcome.

          • stoneman

            yeesh all im saying is that in 2013 microsofts blunder still directly effects the state of the gaming industry today. on E3 that year sony won the hearts and minds of the gaming populace and has set them up to do whatever the hell they want with no repercussions.

          • gaugheyad

            I’m still not following you. Considering how Sony and MS both treated there customers the generation before you would think all trust in both of them would have already been gone by the beginning of this generation.

            I guess there’s just a lot more people out there that are into S&M than anyone realizes. Kind of explains the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey too, huh?

          • stoneman

            im not disagreeing that this wouldn’t have happened hell it probably would have if microsofts hadn’t done what they did.

            i think the simple answer to all of this is that gamers are stupid.

          • gaugheyad

            Except it would have happened this exact same way whether Sony or MS had done it even with current historical events being the same. People simply want the game so badly that they’re willing to accept anything to get it.

            It’s really sad and pathetic.

    • Mega Prime

      A game costs much more than 2mil. This kickstarter campaign was used to determine interest for an archaic franchise . This was a smart plan and my hat is off for this innovative plan to cut the risk of a releasing a game nobody wants.

      • gaugheyad

        They manipulated and lied to people. Why are you supporting that? How would you feel if you backed the game for the PS4 and then all of a sudden they announce that they always had a publisher and that the game was actually going to be a PC exclusive?

        I would feel taken advantage of and would NEVER trust Kickstarter or the developer or publisher again because I knew that they weren’t above lying and throwing their own customers to the wolves if it managed to get them ahead a little bit more.

        This is simply indefensible. If it’s such a great idea maybe EVERYONE should be doing it. Imagine Kickstarting the next Call of Duty. You said it was a great idea. I’d expect you to be first in line to “back” it.

        • Mega Prime

          Let’s use some common sense shall we. Shenmue isn’t Call of Duty. The last game came out like over 14 years ago. It was released on a console that bombed and took SEGA out of the hardware industry. I’ll tell you another reason why I don’t see any problem with this. If you pledged 29bucks, you’re getting the game when it launches. If you bought it when it releases, you’d probably pay 60 bucks for it. So yeah, try to use come common sense please.

          • gaugheyad

            NO game that has a publisher and is already funded should be on the internet BEGGING for money. Sony OBVIOUSLY thought it would sell or they never would have agreed to support it in the first place.

            Why then have a Kickstarter to raise all of $2 million for it? That’s an awfully small amount for this game and it really doesn’t show the kind of demand that they would want. If everyone had pledged $1 that would only be a possible market of 2 million sales. 2 million divided by 30 is less than 70,000! And considering that you can “back” more the numbers are even smaller.

            This Kickstarter has shown that there are what, around 50,000+ people who are interested enough to pretty much pre-order the game. Those numbers aren’t encouraging. Not at all. Especially for a game like this one.

            So I really don’t see what they got out of it or how this is supposed to be seen as some sort of success. Those numbers are still TERRIBLE and unless the budget for this game is going to be very, very small all you can really say is that it looks like it’s going to end up tanking.

          • Mega Prime

            The 2mil was to see if there was interest in the franchise. Sony is likely spending 50mil or more on this game. For a fan of the series, you can pick it up for 29 dollars. So you tell me how this is bad. Most people contributed 29 dollars. That’s about 23,000 backers right now. I see that as pre-ordering a game for half price.

          • gaugheyad

            And 23,000 pre-orders is crap. With numbers like that the game will tank. This doesn’t say ANYTHING about consumer interest in the game as a whole. For all you know 90% of the people who will EVER buy this game have already “backed” it so in that case they would be looking at a total number of 24,300 sales. They’re going to have to do a lot better than that if they’re going to get their budget back.

            And if they’re already planning such a large budget, what’s the point of raising $2 million on Kickstarter? They couldn’t just say “let’s cut the budget by $2 million” instead?

            The whole thing makes no sense and reeks of desperation and market manipulation.

          • Mega Prime

            It’s much more than 23k. That’s only for the 29 dollar donation. The game has almost 40k backers. And let’s be honest, most people who played Shenmue aren’t going to donate, but will likely buy the game. I really don’t see anything wrong here. If SE put their FFVII remake on Kickstarter, that would be different. We know there is a huge demand for that IP. Shenmue is a wild card and it’s likely the game won’t do half the sales of a game like Witcher 3. The last game cost 47mil, I doubt they could spend 2mil and finish it. Look I know you’re concerned about this because you’re scared it might become a trend. The bottom line is this game wouldn’t exist without Kickstarter because the IP is just too risky. Now that the Kickstarter is doing well, that’s a good sign for everyone.

          • gaugheyad

            Actually, you’re wrong. Someone looked into it and apparently Kickstarter projects tend to sell only a little bit more than the number of people who “backed” the project so really you’re just making the situation look worse and worse.

            Again, even it everyone donated just $1 that would only be 2 million potential customers. The numbers don’t lie. If you want to use them as some sort of gauge they say that this game is going to tank.


            “The bottom line is this game wouldn’t exist without Kickstarter because the IP is just too risky.”

            That’s a lie and you know it. If they were already budgeting the amount you’re talking about then they would have already done the market research on whether the game would be viable or not, and their research would be much, MUCH more thorough than anything they could ever ascertain for a Kickstarter,

          • Mega Prime

            I don’t understand what you mean. Why would anyone use Kickstarter as a reference for total sales? I will never donate money on Kickstarter yet I plan to buy most of these recent kickstarted games. I would imagine I’m not alone here. Some people don’t trust Kickstarter while others like me don’t want to pay money for a game that may take 2-3 years to finish. And how am I making this look worse? If I’m wrong and sales will be low based on the numbers, wouldn’t the 2mil+ help offset the costs of making a game that won’t sell? If that’s the case, Sony is vindicated.

          • gaugheyad

            Unless that’s what they’re doing then there’s no point in using it to gauge possible customer interest. The number’s don’t come out the way you’re insinuating. It’s not like for every 1 person that “backs” that there are 10 more who would buy the game when it comes out. The numbers are way, WAY smaller than that.

            So what exactly is this supposed to be a gauge for? If it’s for potential customers then it proves that there aren’t a lot.

            Wait… in your mind it’s still fine for Sony to pretty much steal $2 million from potential customers because if the game flops they will have saved that much?

            Holy… how do I respond to this? NO! No matter how sales turn out Sony will NEVER be vindicated! This is a business expense that they, as a company, should be taking on themselves. They’re not a small struggling developer. This simply should NEVER have happened and the fact that Sony was behind it make the matter that much worse!

            Like I said before, why not just give them access to your bank account then. If you feel so strongly that they need to be protected from their own mistakes so badly then put up or shut up. Give them all your money. If the game tanks well, you saved them an extra what… $1.50?

          • Mega Prime

            Yu Suzuki gave Kickstarter a shot to see if the fans cared enough to fund it. Obviously the game costs more than 2mil so more funding is required hence the deal with Sony. That’s the way this deal went down and I don’t agree that Sony is the villain here. Yu Suzuki was looking for a partner if there was enough interest, Sony would team up with him. That’s how I see it and nothing you say will change that.

            I’m sick today and my head is killing me. My posts aren’t well thought out as I like to. So I’m going back to bed and get better. Night.

          • gaugheyad

            Considering that’s NOT what happened it’s no wonder that you have such a skewed idea of the facts. Sony was already behind the game when they pushed their Kickstarter at their conference. Why then, didn’t they simply drop the Kickstarter and announce Sony as their backer? You know, like ANYONE else would have?

            But no, Sony needed proof that people wanted the game so they LIED to everyone and have apparently decided that, even though they’ve already taken people’s money for it, that there will NO LONGER be a PC version and that it’s going to be a PS4 exclusive.

            No… Obviously Sony is a gentle little angle. i mean all they did was condone lying, fraud, manipulation, and pretty much theft. I can see why you think they’re in the right.

            By the way, are you or anyone in your family in politics? No reason for asking. It’s just a simple question…


          • Mega Prime

            I think you’re the guy who acts like a politician. All you do is fear monger with no credibility whatsoever. Where are your sources? Why you think that there won’t be a PC version. It seems to me that Sony is doing the same thing as MS with PC and Xbone exclusives. Did you forget No Man’s Sky already is a PS4/PC game? I haven’t found one source that claims PC support will be dropped for Shenmue. So yeah, keep on being delusional making things up as you go along.

            I don’t have a problem with the way Yu Suzuki wanted to fund his vision. Sure Sony was on board if the Kickstarter was a success, but that’s hardly a reason to think this was a deception. Sony was very transparent at E3. PC support is not dropped and people like you make a big fuss about nothing.

          • gaugheyad

            And all I hear you saying is “It’s fine to compromise my morals and integrity because I REALLY wanna play Shenmue 3. I don’t care about the ethical ramifications of one of the biggest companies in all of gaming literally LYING to people, I just want my game! What could possibly go wrong?”

            Yeah.. about that…

            And since when is pointing out the truth fear mongering? This situation should never have happened. If Sony wanted to be behind this game then they should have simply said and done that. Instead they lied and manipulated people. But you’ll defend it because you want to play the game.

            Yes, YOU are everything wrong with gaming today. Coming up with any excuse so you don’t have to admit to yourself how really amoral you are. It’s despicable.

            It’s not because you’re amoral, don’t get me wrong. It’s that you seem to think that lying to yourself about it will somehow make it all better. It won’t.

            At least own up to your crap.

          • Mega Prime

            People like you are what’s wrong with gaming. You conveniently ignore unethicial beahvior if Nintendo does it, but if Sony or MS is guilty, you think it’s important to attack them. I have a different theory and one that stems out of jealousy. Nintendo is no longer the top dog in the industry. Nobody cares about them so people like you like to point fingers at the other guys so you can make excuses why Nintendo isn’t on top anymore.

            I don’t like Shenmue and you won’t seeing me play this game. Personally it looks like crap and I heard the last one sucked. You can attack my morals all you like, but at least I’m not biased like you are. It’s people like you that defend Nintendo against the gamers who don’t support their Youtube policy yet ironically it’s always the lack of funds and clout of why Nintendo can’t advertise like the other guys. So yeah, Nintendo is acting stupid and childish. It’s also very unethical how they do their business like this. To steal people’s money if they don’t belong to their silly program when all these guys did was advertise for you. People like you defend this vile transgression under the guise of a technicality. Shame on you.

          • gaugheyad

            So you can’t argue your point so you switch over to baseless accusations and name calling.

            If Nintendo is so guilty of equal behavior, then prove it. I’d love to see this list of supposed Nintendo transgressions, and the NES is off limits. Dredging up issues from 30 years ago is old and tired. People have been doing it forever. Besides, if Nintendo hadn’t put down their iron fist then there wouldn’t BE a games industry today with you here trying to defend Sony’s obviously illegal actions.

            Either way, there’s nothing you can bring up in regards to Nintendo that can match what Sony’s done. A fake Kickstarter to rip people off? That’s MS levels of evil.

          • Mega Prime

            You haven’t proved a single one of your accusations therefore I’m going to waste my time looking up anything until you do the same. Seriously… you think I started the name calling?

            The corruption of gaming began long before Nintendo. I’m only saying that Nintendo is just as guilty of unethical behavior as anyone else. No company is perfect or immune to making a bad decision. I truly feel that Nintendo stealing money from Youtubers is highly unethical. Nothing you can will change my mind and know that many agree with me. Nintendo might own the IP, but they control their IP with such a tyrannical hammer that simply posting a screen shot(not video) has been shown to get flagged. A screen shot is definitely fair use and proof of my claims that Nintendo is involved in unethical business .

            The most recent of Nintendo’s unethical business dealings has to do with amiibo. I don’t want to get heavy into business terms, but let’s just say Nintendo is artificially controlling the supply of the Amiibo much like how Apples does with their crap. Nintendo knows by releasing in limited quantities and time duration before discontinuation, they force their most diehard fans to buy earlier than later. Otherwise the product would be around or worse yet, it will be on ebay for thousands. Nintendo had the nerve to blame retailers, but they must be desperate and stupid to think most of us aren’t aware of how Apple does business.

            So in conclusion, every company is guilty of this charge. Some like Sony’s backing of Shenmue might be 50/50 of who supports it or thinks its illegal or unethical. I don’t see anything wrong with using Kickstarter to test the waters of a franchise that came out over 14 years ago. You disagree with me and that’s fine. The point is every company is doing something that might be construed as bad business.

          • gaugheyad

            “I truly feel that Nintendo stealing money from Youtubers is highly unethical”

            So your response to Sony’s illegal behavior is to bring up Nintendo’s legal behavior? I would care too if these weren’t people making money off of Nintendo’s work without their permission. Just because they got away with it for awhile doesn’t make it legal or ethical. No movie reviewer would be able to get away with playing an entire film with them talking over it.

            “But-but… When they played the game they created their own version of it so it’s legal.”

            Except Nintendo programmed every action that they performed in the game. They may not have as much control over how or when those actions are performed as a film director does but they still encoded every possibility into the game.

            It’s literally a step down from piracy. Nintendo would be well within their rights to block them entirely, and be morally and ethically sound in doing so. But they’re not doing that. They’re willing to share with people who are stealing from them.

            And yet you consider that unethical?

            No wonder you support Sony in their theft. You literally don’t understand what the word means.

          • Mega Prime

            You clearly don’t read very well. I wasn’t talking about just plays. I was talking about game reviews, previews, heck using a single screen shot. But yeah, I’m done with you. It’s one thing to be a blind fanboy, but to do it to this degree is very disheartening. You don’t even read what people wrote, you just read what you want to hear.

          • gaugheyad

            And when people talk about it they’re not talking about just reviews and previews and you know it. That’s why you didn’t specify. You know damn well that’s where the issue is and yet you still tried to play it to your advantage.

            Do go away. You’re actually painful to deal with.

          • stoneman

            sony hasnt done anything illegal. is it a dick move? no doubt. i think we can both agree if sony was going to back them all along they definitely shouldn’t have gone to kickstarter. but as long as the shenmue 3 devs use that money they have gathered from kickstarter then its legally fine, morally thats another story.

          • gaugheyad

            Sony was already behind the project. The Kickstarter was established to fund an independent project. There was no mention that Sony was involved at all. Sony allowed it and even encouraged it by shilling it at their convention.

            That is fraud.

            Fraud is illegal.

            Somehow Sony didn’t do anything illegal and yet they were directly involved in defrauding people. Uh huh…

            Not that I think anything will happen to them for it, they’re too big and powerful for that, but it doesn’t mean that the original action wasn’t illegal.

    • Guymelef

      if they really wanted to “test the waters” they could have set the goal to less than that amount. or better yet, they could’ve just conducted a survey. but i guess they needed “monetary proof” of commitment. a shady tactic, if you ask me.

      sadly, people will not complain, so as they said, this sets a precedent (I read somewhere that Bloodstained will also get funding from a publisher, apart from the Kickstarter funding — so this may already be happening now). perhaps an alternative to “pre-ordering” the game.

      • gaugheyad

        There’s a million things they could have done. Do people really think that they don’t have access to extensive records on game sales over the past several generations? They have more than enough information to know whether the game would sell or not.

        This was just absurd and anyone who supports it isn’t a real gamer. You’re literally selling your soul to the devil. It seems more like the reaction of a bunch of junkies trying to get their next hit. Willing to compromise their morals, integrity, and self-respect as long as they can get their fix.

        I’m really, really unhappy and ever mortified with the way the online “gamer” community has been acting the last few days. Nintendo shows a bunch of upcoming games and people attack them en mass. Sony literally steals from a bunch of people using a fake Kickstarter and it’s ignored.

        What a sad, sad world this is.

  • Titangamecube

    Let me restate this: So sony would rather put forth a game for fans to fund then actually fund it themselves…and thats okay?

    • stoneman

      the majority opinion decides if its ok. do you see anyone having a problem with this? then its ok.

      • gaugheyad

        That’s not how it works or a lot of things that are illegal today would still be legal.

        By the way, fraud is illegal and I would consider this fraud.

        • stoneman

          thats all fine and dandy but i seriously doubt sony will be taken to court for this. or receive any serious kind of repercussions.

          • gaugheyad

            Of course not. Large corporations can literally get away with murder today without so much as a slap on the wrist.

            Doesn’t make it any less illegal though now does it?

          • stoneman

            bud im not saying its ok. all im saying is this means jack squat. look at the kickstarter page. people aren’t mad that they did this all they care about is shenmue 3 is getting made.

          • gaugheyad

            All the proves is there are still plenty of gullible people out there and that Sony is more than willing to take advantage of them. They may not be willing to stand up for themselves but if not for them someone at least needs to stand up for gaming as a whole and say that this kind of crap is not okay.

            And it’s not.

            They set a terrible precedent with this fiasco. I’m expecting to see a LOT more Kickstarters for games that are already getting funded in order to “prove interest”. It’s going to get really ugly really fast.

            Remember how DLC all started with horse armor?

          • stoneman

            oh i know dude you are preaching to the choir here. i have to wonder if any of the supposed youtubers who “stand up” for “the little guy” will talk about this at all.

            probably not.

          • Mega Prime

            I don’t understand what’s the issue here. We see many game franchises that are dead now because there wasn’t enough of a fan base. Mega Man and Castlevania are just two series off the top of my head. So the little guy that wants this series has to put their money where their mouth is. Nothing is wrong with that.

          • stoneman

            the fanbase has always been there. if you seriously believe that BS that companies like capcom and konami shovel you then i have a bridge to sell you.

          • Mega Prime

            That’s why both the creator of Mega Man and Castlevania couldn’t get approval for more games? Did you see how few copies the last real Castlevania sold? And no Lords of Shadow was out sourced. The fanbase let down these creators and the proof is in the sales charts. Shenmue is a niche game that is obscure to most gamers. I’d argue that more people know of Bayonetta than Shenmue. So because it costs millions of dollars to produce the game, why is it wrong to test the waters? If the Kickstarted failed, Sony would be wise to cancel. If you contributed 29bucks, you get the game for cheap. I don’t see the con here.

          • gaugheyad

            So now it’s on the fans to convince companies to make their products? Why all of a sudden should WE have to take on the risk? THEY’RE the corporation. WE’RE not. Our job is simply to buy their products when they release them. Nothing more.

            If they didn’t think it was going to sell then they should have just done what everyone else does and simply not agreed to fund it. Instead they don’t want to have to take any risks.

            Why not just let them link up directly to your bank account then and automatically charge you for every game they make. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about if the game sells well or not, they’d get paid either way.

            Sony wants to have their cake and eat it too and that’s simply not right. Did Nintendo pull this kind of stunt with any of the dead games that they’ve revived? Nope. They took on the risk all by themselves… after everyone else declined. Why should it be acceptable for Sony to do it then?

          • Mega Prime

            Maybe if they abuse it over the years I might agree with you. Shenmue is the exception right now. An old franchise that has been stuck in limbo for over 14 years. I don’t know about you, but I rather pay 29bucks than 60 for a new game. I just don’t see fans being screwed here. You claim the fanbase is being screwed. Why is it they’re receiving the game for 29bucks then?

          • gaugheyad

            Who said they are? It’s a Kickstarter. You’re not guaranteed ANYTHING. Read the fine print. They can literally take your money and give you NOTHING in return. You’re not ever really pre-ordering. You’re DONATING! So what happens if the game falls apart and never gets finished? You get nothing. What happens if Sony decides they want EVERYONE to pay full price? You pony up the rest or you get nothing.

            You seem to think there is some sort of contract here. There isn’t. You GAVE them your money. That’s it.

            and as for this being one little incident… spearheaded by the current home console platform leader. Meaning Sony has just given the go-ahead for anyone who develops for them to do the same. If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander.

            Remember horse armor?

          • Mega Prime

            Ok, so you’re telling me that anyone who donates to Kickstarter is basically an idiot. All those people who donated to Bloodstained are complete fools too because like you said, you’re not guaranteed anything. I would argue that Sony’s rep isn’t going to screw gamers. It would me more risky to bet on an independent guy like Iga than a corporation that easily blew past its funding goals.

          • gaugheyad

            But the question is if Sony is such a powerful and trustworthy company why do this at all and then LIE about it?

            The fact that Sony did this shows that something is very, very wrong with them. Before today this would never have even been entertained by anyone as acceptable. Now all of a sudden it’s fine and even shrewd business practice.

            No. Something else is going on. Sony should never have stooped to this level. This is something a dying company would try to pull off.

          • Mega Prime

            I thought Nintendo gouging Youtube creators was pretty desperate too.

          • gaugheyad

            Really… That’s the way you want to go with this? You’re going to attempt to conflate Nintendo exorcising their right to control THEIR property (as it is) with Sony literally LYING and committing FRAUD?

            Okay, let’s go down that road then. Let’s see what Sony has graciously bestowed upon gamers shall we? Forced paid online is the real major one. No one says they can’t charge for the extra features but requiring to pay to be able to play online AT ALL? Yeah, Nintendo sure looks evil by comparison what with their free online for everyone. Rip-off DLC bull that they allow and partake in, the recent trend of “online-only” games that they seem to have no problem with… Need I go on?

            Don’t try and pull the “Nintendo is greedy card”. Sony makes them look like Mother Teresa by comparison.

            And Nintendo would never, EVER think of pulling a stunt like this.

          • Mega Prime

            Sony has lost billions upon billions in recent years. Most of their electronics division has been either downsized or sold off. I just don’t think you can blame them for being cautious with an obscure game franchise like Shenmue. I’m not buying the Nintendo free online play either. You get what you pay for is all I can say. Nintendo is greedy as hell, but some people will defend them until hell freezes over. I don’t care if it’s their IP or not. Nintendo’s long history of greed is why they lost the console wars in the first place. They bet on cartridge because they were greedy and made 3rd companies pay money upfront for carts. They had clauses that prevented companies from selling on a competitor company’s machine because of greed. So don’t you dare defend Nintendo from being greedy and unethical. Everyone company is unethical from time to time.

          • gaugheyad

            Really? You want me to pity Sony? Are you KIDDING ME? They’re one of the big three platform holders, currently have the best selling platform out of all three, claim their making a ton of money off of the PS4 and you want me to pity them?

            If they can’t afford to be doing it then guess what? THEY SHOULDN’T BE DOING IT! Maybe they should drop out of gaming all together if it’s so expensive for them. Leave it to companies that actually know what they’re doing.

            And this:

            “Nintendo is greedy as hell, but some people will defend them until hell freezes over.”

            From the guy who wants me to feel bad for Sony and accept them being manipulative and committing fraud because, hey, they’re having money trouble.

            Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

            You really take the cake.

            I literally have no response to something so… so… so stupid.

          • Mega Prime

            Your reply was just a stupid to me. Good day sir.

          • gaugheyad

            You literally said that Sony is poor so we should pity them. I don’t know how you can think my response is stupid in comparison to that.

            No, wait. Yes I can. You obviously don’t understand what the word means. I mean you want us to PITY Sony!


            Get some help.

          • gaugheyad

            You literally said that Sony is poor so we should pity them. I don’t know how you can think my response is stupid in comparison to that.

            No, wait. Yes I can. You obviously don’t understand what the word means. I mean you want us to PITY Sony!


            Get some help.

          • alex9234

            “Nintendo’s long history of greed is why they lost the console wars in the first place.” - This here is a lie. Don’t ever repeat it again. Nintendo did not “lose” the console wars. The SNES outsold the Genesis by 10 million units…yeah, what were you saying again?

            “They bet on cartridge because they were greedy and made 3rd companies pay money upfront for carts.” - Carts were a red herring 3rd parties used as an excuse to dump the N64 because Sony did pay them to support the PS1. Why did the N64 have better support than any other system in the 5th generation EXCEPT the PS1 even though it was the ONLY system that used carts? Because EVERY OTHER CD system that released in the 5th generation also FAILED. Only the N64 and PS1 survived. The N64 because Nintendo is so good at what they do and the PS1 because Sony is so good at bribing 3rd parties. Also, did you know that Sony had Squaresoft set up secret meetings with prominent Japanese developers to get them to shift their N64 projects to the PS1? Dragon Quest VII is the really big one that Square admitted to but there were other as well. Plus, Capcom was able to fit Resident Evil 2, a TWO DISC PS1 game, onto one N64 cart no problem, easily disputing the storage argument. Also, it had nothing to do with cost because 3rd parties made PLENTY of money off the NES and SNES which used those same expensive carts.

            “They had clauses that prevented companies from selling on a competitor company’s machine because of greed.” - Um, I don’t remember it being like that. Plus, the “greedy” actions that Yamauchi took back then, more than a few people would tell you that his actions were REQUIRED after what happened with Atari.

          • Mega Prime

            I won’t be bullied by you. You’re free to have a different opinion, but nothing you stated was fact. I wasn’t even talking about the SNES era so I don’t have a clue why you went there. I thought it was common knowledge the N64 was when Nintendo lost the console wars.

            “Carts were a red herring 3rd parties used as an excuse to dump the N64 because Sony did pay them to support the PS1.”

            This is a lie. Carts cost more money to produce than to stamp cds. Nintendo was known on the NES and SNES to force companies to order carts for their games. If their game failed to sell enough units, oh well it was that company’s problem, not Nintendo. This is a very dangerous business model.

            “Why did the N64 have better support than any other system in the 5th generation EXCEPT the PS1 even though it was the ONLY system that used carts?”

            Are you really going to lob these softballs out there? The REASON that the Saturn failed was because it was rushed out. First Sega sold their crappy CD-rom addon, then they released their 32X and by the time the Saturn came out, people were burned. So I don’t know why you think that Nintendo beating the Saturn was an achievement. SEGA would go on to rush out their Dreamcast and die.

            “Um, I don’t remember it being like that. Plus, the “greedy” actions that Yamauchi took back then, more than a few people would tell you that his actions were REQUIRED after what happened with Atari.”

            That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. I simply don’t agree and the reality is this was more of an excuse to justify their bad business practices.

            ” The N64 because Nintendo is so good at what they do and the PS1 because Sony is so good at bribing 3rd parties. Also, did you know that Sony had Squaresoft set up secret meetings with prominent Japanese developers to get them to shift their N64 projects to the PS1?”

            First of all, where are your sources? I don’t believe you so you better have a credible source. By the off chance this is true and urban legend, Nintendo was guilty of doing this just like everyone else. I seem to remember a certain Capcom deal featuring Resident Evil games and other Capcom IP exclusives during the GC era. It doesn’t make any sense that Capcom would turn on Sony’s PS2 to make exclusives that originated on the Playstation brand unless a deal was made. So yeah, that’s business. Nintendo was doing all kinds of dirty deals during the NES and SNES generation so what’s your point?

          • alex9234

            Again, you shouldn’t comment on things you don’t understand. Do you do any actual research or just repeat what everyone else says like what you are currently doing now?

            “That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. I simply don’t agree and the reality is this was more of an excuse to justify their bad business practices.” - How are they bad business practices when it is common knowledge that they were put in place to stop another crash from happening? THAT is the reality there.

            “So I don’t know why you think that Nintendo beating the Saturn was an achievement.” - Will you stop putting words into my mouth? I never said that. I only said that the N64 got better support than any other system except the PS1 because every other CD system failed.

            “This is a lie. Carts cost more money to produce than to stamp cds. Nintendo was known on the NES and SNES to force companies to order carts for their games. If their game failed to sell enough units, oh well it was that company’s problem, not Nintendo. This is a very dangerous business model.” - It’s not because 3rd parties are supposed to stand on their own two feet. And carts were really the only format there was to use back then, so what’s you point? Sega used them. NEC used them. They didn’t leave because of carts because 3rd parties made PLENTY of money off the NES and SNES. It had everything to do with Sony bribing 3rd parties. Nintendo did not force them to make games for their systems, if they did then their success in the games industry would not have happened. Where are you getting this from? Nintendo has always been willing to work with 3rd parties as long as 3rd parties are willing to work with them.

            “I seem to remember a certain Capcom deal featuring Resident Evil games and other Capcom IP exclusives during the GC era.” - Because Capcom and Nintendo were willing to work with each other, plus they let Capcom develop some handheld Zelda titles. Nintendo didn’t force them to make that deal.

            “It doesn’t make any sense that Capcom would turn on Sony’s PS2 to make exclusives that originated on the Playstation brand unless a deal was made.” - Yeah, because Sony pays 3rd parties to support their platforms, Sherlock. It’s become much more widely known this generation, but it’s been going on since Sony entered the market with the PS1. But people were unwilling to accept it or believe it for a long time.

            “First of all, where are your sources? I don’t believe you so you better have a credible source.” - Look it up. Square admitted it when the Final Fantasy movie bombed because they were dying and they needed a GBA license so they could re-release their SNES titles. They actually came out and apologized to Nintendo back then because of the stunts they pulled on them, believe it or not.

            “Nintendo was doing all kinds of dirty deals during the NES and SNES generation so what’s your point?” - What dirty deals? If anything they were deals to prevent another crash from happening. If they really left Nintendo because they thought they were making dirty deals then they would have jumped ship to Sega long before Sony came in. But they didn’t. They only left because Sony paid them to. Nothing more, nothing less. Plain and simple. They may use Yamauchi, power, carts, fees, etc. as an excuse, but it doesn’t play when you bring Sega into the discussion. Especially when you consider that Sony had never released a system before and their success was ANYTHING but guaranteed while Sega released two, and on their second, managed to stand toe-to-toe with Nintendo. And that money led to 3rd parties getting stupid. Is it any wonder they’re all going out of business?

            “but nothing you stated was fact.” - Don’t you think it’s just a wee but coincidental that the SNES generation is the last generation before Sony showed up and started paying off developers? And then Microsoft came to help them with it and, well, the rest is history. Take a close look at what you’ve been saying and just look at what was going on at that time. You’ll see the truth if you’re actually willing to accept it. Go ahead! Ignore me if you want. But history will always be your answer. Not biased media outlets and bought off 3rd parties making statements out of unadulterated greed and arrogance.

          • Prütsa

            Why do you even bother as i said above people won’t listen the only you can do is to not support Sony/Microsoft and be done with it, thats what i do.

          • Gearchin

            If franchises are Dead, it just means they no longer have a place, in today’s video game industry. If sony is behind this title ,they shouldnt be taking any money whatsoever from fans, they can use other ways to gouge interest in the game.

          • Mega Prime

            So you would rather pay 60 dollars for a new game than 29 though Kickstarter? I just don’t understand this argument. If you support the game, you get a discount.

  • stoneman

    i guess sony is so broke they need their fans to fund their games for them.

    what a joke so is the game still coming to PC or did they bait and switch PC owners aswell.

  • Jet Hammer

    Aha, so why kickstarter, cheapskates?

    • Ohsnap123

      I’m assuming you only read the headline considering your question is answered in the article…

      • Jet Hammer

        I actually did and meant that as a rhetorical question. There is no reason.

        • Ryuken13

          Plenty of reasons for the Kickstarter:


          Gauge Gamer interest in old IP for sales forecasts

          Determine how much money Sony helps them with based on Kickstarter success..

          Kickstarters are used for more than just requesting $$$.

          • Gearchin

            but fans should also be skeptical of the tactics used in trying to fund this game. If Sony, was behind this all along they shouldn’t be taking ANY money from fans, there are other ways to gouge a market for a certain game. You dont always need KS to know if fans want certain franchises, There are surveys,polls, or even just petitions you can use to get a gouge of where a games market value/interest is at. If the publishers/big companies never use an old IP, it just shows how drastic of a landscape video games has become. But KS shouldn’t ever be used as a bargaining chip by a company like Sony/MS/nintendo/Ubi/SE/EA/Capcom/sega, they are all 100s of millions of dollar-25bil companies, they should have enough money to fund the games Like Shenmue3, KS is just a ploy used to get on good graces while taking money when it isn’t needed from fans.

          • Mega Prime

            Look at this way though. The people who donated at least 29 dollars get a ‘free” copy of the game. So if you really think about it, there is a silver lining. If you factor in that the game will cost 60 dollars at launch, this is a bargain. Unlike other independent companies like Bloodstained, this Kickstarter seems to be a safer gamble.