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Kingdom Hearts 3 has Huge Worlds, Almost Seamless, Online play in the Works


Kingdom Hearts 3 got a brand new E3 2015 gameplay trailer and it looks great. More information has been revealed about the size of the worlds and waiting time between them. This information is according to Tetsuya Nomura.

“While the world may not be comparable to massively open-world titles, it’s far bigger than previous Kingdom Hearts titles,” Nomura told Engadget at E3. “There’s a huge decrease in load times, too.

“In previous games, you’d run to the end of an area and it would go dark before transitioning to the next stage — now it’s become seamless, as you can see in the trailer when Sora jumps off the mountain you’ve just battled up.

“The environments themselves, in Kingdom Hearts III, things will be affected by real-time actions, a tornado spell will swirl the blades of grass surrounding it.”

On the game’s worlds compared to other Kingdom Hearts games:

“With every Kingdom Hearts title, we plan to deliver more worlds than actually appear in game — so we have something in our pockets to work with,” Nomura said. “Then as we begin to hone these worlds and stages, and some do get cut. [At this point], we have prepared more worlds, in that respect, than Kingdom Hearts II.”

Nomura on the game’s graphics since December 2013:

“Compared to the initial first look at the game, in the trailer we’re showing now, the visual aspects have evolved a lot,” Nomura said. “Not only the particle effects within the battles, but also the sheer scale of it.”

Nomura on the control and possibly using the PS4’s touchpad:

“Coming from Kingdom Hearts II, there won’t be a huge difference in battle controls — we’re not going to change how you jump or anything — it’ll be more of an evolution. Depending on how we utilize the touchpanel, we may not need other forms of control [for certain actions].”

Pertaining to online play, Nomura finished off with saying the team “wants gamers to play for a while and an online componet helps this.” However, they are currently focused on the main campaign. But they do have “plenty of ideas brewing” for an online componet.

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  • Kidking17

    What? Online helps gamers play the game longer? Who would have thought, and they still focusing on the single player?

  • 7thlevel JR

    i dont think nomura is going to use the touch pad for anything drastic because the xbox one controller doesnt have anything like that

  • Max Patterson

    Coming in…2017.

  • Mega Prime

    I know it seems like a long shot, but it would be cool to have a Star Wars world.

  • Travis Touchdown

    We need the game to launch on Wii U.

  • donzaloog

    This is the game that could make me buy a PS4…a few years from now. I just bought a PS3. Also, bring back Drive Forms.