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Star Fox Zero - Nintendo Considering co-op & Alternate Control Schemes


Nintendo has discussed Star Fox Zero possibly having co-op and multiple control options. This information comes from Shigeru Miyamoto.

“It’s difficult to have two people playing when you need two screens to play for one person, so it’s definitely something that we’re thinking about. We basically created this game as one you need the GamePad to play, but there is a secret There is another option.”

Star Fox Zero co-director Yugo Hayashi also said:

“As one kind of variation, we were thinking about a co-op control scheme. Basically one person would control flying the Arwing and the other person would be aiming and shooting. This is something maybe parents and children could be doing together.”

– Hayashi said, in this case, you could have a skillful player piloting the Arwing
– The less skilled player would be targeting and shooting
– The main pilot would use a Wii remote and Nunchuck attachment to steer
– The team was also trying to support the Pro Controller

Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: IGN

  • Avansies

    There is another controller option? I wonder what it is? Wii Remote and Nunchuck?