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Sony has no Plans for Backwards Compatibility on PS4


While Microsoft plans for the Xbox One to be backward compatible with select Xbox 360 games, Sony has stated they have no plans for backward compatibility with PS4. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida discussed the matter with Polygon:

“I don’t think we will change our approach. The PlayStation 4 doesn’t have backward compatibility.”

Backwards compatibility is hard,” he said. “I won’t say we’ll never do it, but it’s not an easy thing to do. If it’s easy, we would have done that.”

Via: Gematsu, Source: Polygon

  • Revolution5268

    That reminds me who was the one that said “backwards comparable make you backwards”. Who said that?

  • *NormalGamer*

    Very unforutnate.

  • Jon Turner

    And people wonder why I’ve decided to go with a PS3 instead of a PS4. Even with KH3, one game alone isn’t enough for me to invest in a system. (Even then, I’ll still campaign for it to come to NX.) At any rate, I don’t particularly like Sony, nor have I ever been a supporter of them. HOWEVER, there are games on their system that I really WOULD like to play that I WISHED could have been on Nintendo systems, but because that’s not likely at all, I have no choice. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop being a Nintendo fan though.

    • Mega Prime

      It’s all about having fun Jon. I think people forget that’s what gaming is supposed to be about at the heart of it all. Personally I’ve outgrown Kingdom Hearts so I’ll probably only pick it up after the price drops. I don’t care for the series as much as I used to and that’s totally fine. I can understand why you didn’t want a PS4 though. I’ve been disappointed with the console and would have waited if I knew how long it would take to get the games I wanted for it. Happy gaming.

      • Jon Turner

        Yes, that is the way it should be. I DO love the series, and would love for it to be on Nintendo’s next system, but until that happens I’ll need a backup.

        • Mega Prime

          I love your passion, that inspires me. I think KH should be on their console too. I really hope Nintendo’s next console is more capable than the Wii U though. It’s no wonder the NX will probabbly be out by 2016 or early 2017.

          • Jon Turner

            It should be.

            Thanks. I’m very flattered. It feels refreshing to hear someone say that after being yelled at by some other people here.

          • Mega Prime

            The thing is you get it more than these people hating on everyone. It’s not about being right about everything, it’s always been about having fun and playing with friends and family. One thing I learned a long time ago is that it doesn’t really matter what someone else thinks about your favorite games if you enjoy them. If you want to play them on a NIntendo system, that’s cool too. If you have the patience to wait, you just might be rewarded.

  • ednice

    Well the Cell processor is just gone(thankfully) so that’s definitely a challenge, still even if you have to re-hire Kutaragi, something that nobody wants to do probably, find a way to pick that thing apart or at least release BC version.

  • Mega Prime

    Shu already told people why this probably won’t happen. PS NOW is better than emulation for the company. Not only on the PS4, but also Samsung and Sony’s other devices.

  • gaugheyad

    Considering what MS considers “backwards compatibility” I don’t see why they don’t just lie too and say they’re working on it.

    Really, anyone who considers what MS announced for the XBone has backwards compatibility is delusional.

    • Mega Prime

      This is the first honest thing you said in all your posts so far.

      • gaugheyad

        Considering your definition of honest I’m rather worried actually. I have to re-read what I posted now to see where I posted an obviously fabricated lie.

        No. It still looks right to me.

        I guess I’ll just have keep re-reading it until I can figure out why someone as morally and ethically bankrupt as you could possibly see it as “honest”.

        I’m scared…

        • Mega Prime

          I don’t consider my values to be morally bankrupt at all. I just call it as I see it. We don’t have to agree on everything and when we don’t agree, you shouldn’t assume one of us lacks ethics.

          • gaugheyad

            One of us supports a company defrauding people, the other doesn’t.

            I just call ’em as I see ’em too. Difference is I actually have the law on my side where as you have, well, your complete and total lack of ethics, morals, or integrity.

          • Titangamecube

            He also doesn’t understand the concept of objectivity.

          • Mega Prime

            You clearly don’t know what the word means.

          • Titangamecube

            I do, you don’t.

          • Mega Prime

            Defrauding is open to interpretation. I don’t Sony would of invested any money making this game if the kickstarter failed. So by that standard, it was not fraud but simply testing the waters. I’ve learned tons of companies have done this already and it seems like a good way to measure the interest. At the end of the day, it’s up to the individual to invest. I see nothing wrong with investing into something you enjoy. You do that every time you go out and eat dinner or buy a new console. You invest into a product that might not pan out like you think. Sure it might turn on and work, but it could be a drink coaster too.

            Yeah and like Nintendo doesn’t do that with Amiibo. Sure nice try.

          • gaugheyad

            You honestly think Sony backing the project really hinged on if the Kickstarter was successful or not? REALLY?

            You’re some kind of special all right.

            So Sony wasn’t going to fund the game unless the Kickstarter went well so they then proceed to cover it at their E3 conference. There wasn’t a chance in HELL that Kickstarter was going to fail. No one has EVER shilled for a Kickstarter during their E3 presentation let alone anyone as large as Sony.

            The entire thing was a ploy. They were ALWAYS going to fund it. The Kickstarter fiasco was them simply soaking gamers for free money.

            If they were really interested in how people would react to a Kickstarter for it they never would have talked about it at their conference. Instead they created artificial hype and demand and let it be directly known that they were involved in it by mentioning it at all.

            Why didn’t they shill any other Kickstarters at E3 then? Both Bloodstained and Yuka-Laylee are coming to the PS4 as well and could have used the exposure just as much. But nope. The only Kickstarter they’ve ever promoted at E3 was Shenmue 3…


            Without disclosing that fact both Sony and the developer committed fraud and that is NOT up for debate. Go look up the definition of the word fraud. Even the legal definition says this was fraud.

            Accept it.

          • Mega Prime

            If this was truly fraud, it would stand up in court as fraud and therefore be under scrutiny of the law. The truth is that it’s not fraud because this was 100% legal. Kickstarter works off donations and these people gave money willingly because they believed in the franchise. If it was fraud as you claim, you could prove it and file a grievance against Sony.

            I’ll wait while you do that.


    He stated not that the won’t do it, not just at the moment. Which justifies my WiiU purchase, I will pickup the PS4 when it becomes dirt cheap.

  • Mythosa

    Not while they are making so much money from remasters 😛
    Nah, legitimately I think this is a missed opportunity for them. At this point between the X1 and PS4 I would be going to with X1.

  • Joshua

    Doing this would seriously decrease many a publisher’s desire to “remaster” PS3 games Sony just like how Microsoft’s doing it which is a good thing. Or would that seriously undermine your Playstation Now efforts and your own remaster efforts?

  • Guidosaur

    Cmon. I just want to play Demons’ Souls without buying a system for it.

  • Max Patterson

    “If it’s easy, we would have done it.”

    And yet the most hated gaming company out there has had it since day one.

    • Prütsa

      The Wii and Wii U uses the same architecture, but i see what you mean.

      • Max Patterson

        In this day in age backwards compatibility isn’t an option. But I know so many developers would be devastated because their precious remasters would be no more.

      • CapableTie

        Didn’t the Wii have the same architecture of the GameCube? I would have actually rather had backwards compatibility for GameCube than the Wii, on Wii U.

        • Prütsa

          Yes the Wii and gamecube are the same architecture, but i think to make the wii u backwards compatibility to Gamecube instead of the Wii wouldn’t make any sense. What i meant was it’s cheaper for Nintendo to do backward capability With the Wii U to Wii than it’s is for Sony too make the Ps4 backward compatible with the Ps3 that’s what i meant, but as i said see where his coming from. But then again i can be completely wrong.

    • Mega Prime

      I wouldn’t say the Wii U is hated though. It’s just not very popular and that’s not the same thing.

      • Max Patterson

        I’m not talking about the system I’m talking about the company that made it and the unjust hate it gains for idiotic reasons.

        • Mega Prime

          If you like the console and the company that makes it, what difference does it make what other people think? I remember as a kid playing my NES and all the kids on the playground laughed at me because they were playing Genesis. From my perspective, the bullying we see is more of the same now.