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The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes Doesn’t have Voice chat, but the Developers Considered it

Triforce heroes

Despite The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes being a co-op online multiplayer game, it will not support voice chat, but the developers of the game don’t see it as a negative. They did consider it, but ultimately didn’t include the feature. More details past the link. 

Coming from Nintendo’s Hiromasa Shikata:

In a lot of multiplayer games there are a lot of people, but they’re not really playing together,” says director Hiromasa Shikata, who also helmed 2013’s excellent A Link Between Worlds. “That was the main focus — building a multiplayer game that requires cooperation.”

The game will allow players to use icons on the touch screen to communicate with other players like so:

Shikata sees it as a new form of communication:

“It’s actually creating a new form of communication,” says Shikata, who doesn’t see the lack of voice chat as a negative. “I believe it might be a little bit stressful for players to try to figure out how to communicate what they want to do, but I think that because of that feeling, when you’re able to do it successfully there’s a level of satisfaction that you don’t find in other games.”

Did Shikata’s team consider voice chat? “Yes, we did,” he says. “With voice chat, what we would see is a highlight in the difference of experience levels between the players. Higher players would tell lower players what to do, and lower players would wonder why they’re being told what to do.”

Read the full write up over at The Verge 

  • Wonder Dean

    Monster Hunter doesn’t need voice chat, why does this?

  • Danfordun

    Seriously, how many times can they use this excuse? It’s really getting old, like Nintendo’s mindset.

  • NGX159 (KhAnime G)

    Oh boy another goddamn internet meltdown is pretty much happening all over again.

    • sam

      If you have time check this article out. P.S. Avoid the comment section.www.nintendofeed.com/2015/06/j…

      • NGX159 (KhAnime G)

        Good article. I agree I’m at the point I’m starting to be ashamed to be a Nintendo fan in this day and age because of the self-entitled whiny gamers. All I see is “We want Sunshine 2, we want Galaxy 3, we want this, we want that” Once Zelda U comes out I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be done with modern age gaming and the community in general.

        • Danfordun

          I don’t really see a problem with telling Nintendo what game they want, but whatever.


    Nintendo needs to learn when to shut up. Now is not the time. People are still mad.

    • Danfordun

      Believe it or not, this can apply to many gamers of any fanbase in general. I think Jamie Butterworth stated in one of his videos that there’s a percentage of gamers who uses gaming as a therapeutic way to cope with their life problems. The player can escape from reality by playing these games and taking the role of the main character.

      With Metroid, the theme of “isolation in a foreign world” immerses the player by making exploration integral. That is what made Metroid so good to begin with as well as made many gamers fall in love with it. So when after many years of not having a new Metroid game gamers end up getting a spin-off of Metroid that doesn’t have any of the elements that made Metroid so beloved to begin with, it’s understandable why people are infuriated with it. I’m personality not that angry since I’m not too connected with the franchise, but I can’t blame them for getting so mad.

  • *NormalGamer*

    It’s like I said before, I buy games for the ‘gameplay’, regardless of whether it has voice chat or not; the lack of voice chat won’t stop me from checking out and enjoying the game.

  • Mythosa

    This one I agree with again lol. I’m not against voice chat at all, but can you imagine the rage of people if someone gets killed or screws up or whatever? Lol. The little icons for what to do are a far better option for this I think.

  • Macreen Smith

    I would’ve been extremely impressed if they could pull this off on the 3DS.

  • ProjectileComet

    Wasn’t planning on getting this game anyway, that said…..

    I don’t see the logic behind this. Say if I was playing COD, I wouldn’t be satisfied if we somehow won despite not communicating. It’s fun to play and interact with other people regardless. I love Nintendo but this is just a way to be different and in the words of Kakashi “They say the nail that sticks up is the one that gets hammered down”

    • Hardin Twentyfive

      Umm…When are you playing COD that you need to communicate to win? I understand if you’re talking about with friends, but with randoms?

  • Hardin Twentyfive

    Where else would you see Link be a cheerleader?

    • Ray01X

      Nintendo must of been listening to all of the fangirls’ requests. lol

      • Hardin Twentyfive

        Hell, they can live their wet fantasy by putting him in Zelda’s dress

  • GeneralBrown178

    Sooooooo…Are people going to boycott this game now :P.

    • Hardin Twentyfive

      Hell no! This is a Zelda game!!!!!!!
      Really, if people get this shallow, when the game already has an alternative to voice chat, I lost faith in humanity.

      • GeneralBrown178

        Hahaha I was only joking, I agree with you.

  • stoneman

    alternate ways of communication is always welcomed. has nintendo said if the game is going to have world wide match making? if so then voice chat would do little good.

    • http://playeressence.com/ PlayerEssence

      It will probably be worldwide, but that shouldn’t be the reason why we don’t get it in a game like this.

      • stoneman

        i think devolpers trying to provide alternate forms of communication is a much better approach to online gaming then just slapping voice chat in.

        we should be encouraging intuitive game design not punishing it.

        • ProjectileComet

          Not really intuitive, they basically just opted out of voice chat. New Zelda? Sweet! Remake Zelda? Fine. Spin-off Zelda??? No…just no.

  • Kevin Cruz


    Nintendo just doesn’t get it!

    • Mythosa

      You are probably the reason they decided against it lol. With that kind of reaction I can imagine you freaking out dying and blaming the people you are playing with for your own death lol

      • Kevin Cruz

        I know, right? XD