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Super Smash Bros. Show #20 - Rayman Coming as DLC? Leaked Images and Video

Smash Bros Show 20 Raman Confirmed MS

It looks like Nintendo is gearing up for Rayman to be a DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS. Get my thoughts on the rumor below.

Source: PlayerEssence YT

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  • djvalbnc

    Sometimes Francis is pretty Naive…

    • Kerbizzle

      For thinking the leak was real? TONS of people were fooled by this. Don't single him out.

      • http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpthURgD8mQHMc_4ckdxKag Matthew Wesley

        I'm not singling anyone particular out… but after the bullshit Ubisoft pulled- Nintendo would have to be run by brain dead idiots to put Rayman as a playable character in Smash bros (their biggest franchise on the wii u- right now). Smash bros is a damn king maker- it boosts interest in ip's. Why would Nintendo help out those jive ass business men at Ubisoft? Why? It makes no damn business sense. Vid incoming.

        • Saleem Rasul

          The guy who made the vid was probably just doing it for fun and practice. Stuff like this can get people jobs if it creates enough buzz. People on the net just seem to over react to anything that concerns Nintendo. I swear Iwata could come out saying how much he loves cats and some moron would start calling him a dog hater.

          As always looking forward to your vid

        • Kerbizzle

          I mean, I agree for the most part. But there's a lot of other characters that people didn't think had a single chance of making it in to Smash when those leaks arose last summer (myself included), and they turned out to be true.

          I will say that what has just happened with this whole Rayman thing really proves that merely having video "evidence" isn't definitive proof. Gameplay or it's not real.

          • http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpthURgD8mQHMc_4ckdxKag Matthew Wesley

            I'll have a vid exposing why the leaks this summer were more credible versus this shit.

          • Kerbizzle

            I'm sorry to say I've never bothered until now to check your channel. I'll give it a good look when I've got the time!

  • ShadowHero43

    The leak is fake,YES!

  • http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpthURgD8mQHMc_4ckdxKag Matthew Wesley

    No, he isn't, and here's the proof right here: http://nintendoeverything.com/rumor-of-rayman-dlc

  • abCDinc88

    I can see what you're saying Francis and to an extent I agree. I mean, if they go ahead with it then whatever, I'm intrigued by how Rayman would play but at the same time, I do want Nintendo to maintain a degree of pride and show Ubisoft that if they're going to shaft Nintendo and their consumers, then why should Nintendo promote Ubisoft's games? If anything, the Rayman mechanics can just be transferred into another character, it's not like it hasn't been done before.