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Support Fire Emblem Awakening and Super Mario 3D World on the bias Spike Awards!

Fire Emblem AW

The Spike VGX  Awards have gone live with their poling for multiple awards. Head over their and vote for your game of the year, RPG of the year, most anticipated, and more. Fire Emblem Awakening has been nominated for RPG of the year, as well as Pokemon X & Y. Head over there and show the clearly bias Spike Awards, that Nintendo fans have a voice. See the listing here

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  • koopzilla

    From the several songs I've heard so far, Mario 3D World should have been on the best soundtrack list. I love Video Game music, but the vast majority of recent stuff is just forgettable to me. Nintendo still knows how to make awesome music. Super Mario Galaxy is easily by far the best Soundtrack of the previous decade if you ask me (unless you count Smash Bros). But the previous two decades before that were just brimming with excellent game music, it would be very hard to pick one. Most of what I hear today is maybe not something I think is terrible, but something that isn't good enough that I really even notice it, and will completely forget when I am done playing the game. And soundtracks like GTA, while I understand why they use real popular music from bands, I don't think it should qualify for best soundtrack, because the music wasn't even made for the game and was already popular for years or decades before even being put into the game.

  • Bob

    I went for Pokemon, Mario, and Bioshock Infinite for my choices overall, and I skipped the sports games.

  • Mike PF

    Guys should I get fire emblem our zenoblade at black Friday?

    • Furious Francis


      But if I had to pick I would say Fire Emblem Awakening.

    • TsUaS

      Actually, if you are planning to own both, I'd go with Xenoblade if you can get it simply because it would be easier and cheaper on you.

      First off is the fact that Xenoblade had a limited print (and reprint), so finding a copy for cheap is near impossible. Used copies run $50-60 at the cheapest. Factory sealed copies are, at the very least, twice that.

      With Fire Emblem, the game is still in print. You probably won't have a hard time finding the game. Even if you can't find it in stores you can still buy it off the eShop. That means you will never pay more than $40 for it.

  • DylanWins

    I know I normally don't do this but… FUCK the VGA's and FUCK Geoff Keighley. He's probably the celebrity game journalist that I hate the most. Some people the worst game journalist is Adam Sessler, or Michael Patcher, but Geoff Keighly is probably the worst of them all. He's got a massive ego and thinks that he knows everything and he's the greatest gaming journalist in the world.

    He and the his VGA's are one of the reason's why the video game industry is trying to become this big-budget celebrity business. He's one of the reasons why developers create these over budget games and why they think they're Gods in human form. I also won't forget all those times that he got into those heated arguments with Reggie in the E3 interviews he has with him.

    I voted for 3D World (GOTY), Fire Emblem (Best RPG), Pokemon (Best Handheld game), Animal Crossing (Best Casual Game), and Rayman (Best PS3 Game) because those are the games I like and the games that I get excited for. The rest I just voted for Bioshock Infinite (great game, I don't know if it's better than the first one though) and Grand Theft Auto V (a very fun game, I was actually surprised to find out that all the missions in the game were really fun). However, I will not watch that abomination of an awards show hosted by the freaking Doritos Pope.

  • SortableShelf19

    I chose The Wonderful 101 as the "Best Nintendo Game" and I chose Super Mario 3D World as my "Game of the Year". (Even though I haven't played it yet).

  • Rpx

    ok, I voted.

  • Aiddon

    anyone else find it a little annoying that Troy Baker gets two nominations? Sure, he's a phenomenal actor but that's stacking the deck a little, don'tcha think

  • NGX159

    Why is "Best DLC" a category? Not only that, I feel Luigi U should be a nominee but I forgot the DLC didn't add blood and guns to the game.

    • revolution5268

      Luigi U and pikmin 3 should have been nominated.

    • RicardJulianti

      Luigi U isn't there….but Blood Dragon is?

      Da hell is going on???

      Luigi U: Need NSMBU if you want the digital version
      Blood Dragon: Do not need Far Cry 3 to play

      One is actual DLC, the other is not.

  • Healthy Competition

    I know I am going to get a lot of hate for this opinion, but some of the nominated games should not be in the list. Games like SM3DW, Killer Instinct, NFS: Rivals COD: Ghosts, BF4, TLoZ: ALBW among others. Not hating on those titles, or saying that they do not deserve to be in the awards, but games that haven't even been out for more than two months (starting from Dec 7 back), or released, kind of obscure the chances of other titles.

    I also think the studio of the year should have been two separate categories. This will help promote more studios that definitely should have been in here.

    The Best RPG category really had me thinking for a bit between FE: Awakening and Ni no Kuni.

    Oh well the best of luck on December 7 to the nominees.

    • kidking17

      I think the VGA should be pushed to late December or early January. It makes no sense that you can vote for games before even being able to play them. Games that release later in the year like a link between worlds are at a disadvantage because it would only be out for about a few weeks and again being able to vote for it with out it even being released is crazy.

      • Healthy Competition

        I am glad that at we have more or less the same opinion regarding the date or the games that should be nominated/selected.

        Regarding TLoZ: ALBW (and others like it), I look at it the other way; meaning that it took away a place in the list from another candidate, that at this point deserve that spot. Basically, the same issue in the Best Nintendo category. I voted for the W101; trust me, Pikmin 3 had me thinking for a while since I own both titles.

      • Anti

        Even if the awards were pushed back a few months, I doubt it'll make much of a difference if you consider the audience this channel caters to. Majority of the game options are pretty much "dudebro" type of games, if you look at the entire list of games provided on Polygon: http://www.polygon.com/2013/11/18/5118770/spike-v

        Since Spike TV was designed primarily for the "dudebro" audience, it was already premeditated for those specific games were going to rack in the most votes. Heck, even similar games show up in both Best PS3 and X360 categories, despite the fact each console had it's own exclusives, but this show specifically chose those games anyway. The fact they put Rayman Legends under the Best PlayStation game category is already bizarre, especially when the game sold more on the Wii U, they could've easily picked a lot of other games.

        And as usual, other than Best RPG, Fighting Game, Nintendo Game, Handheld Game, Casual Game, and Soundtrack categories, there's barely any mention of any Japanese made games.

  • Legobbles126

    I was initially outraged that Nintendo EAD and Intelligent Systems weren’t nominated for Studio of the Year, but then I remembered that Japanese devs (Nintendo in particular) are practically only included as a courtesy. The Western gaming media could not give a damn about these guys. The Napoleon complex runs deep within the veins of those who produce and play dudebro games.

    If they could, they’d give Nintendo GOTY to The Last of GTA: Battlefield Ghosts…

    • Aiddon

      I wouldn't say Napoleon complex so much as passive-aggressive xenophobia. Western companies in general don't seem to like the fact that Japan exists at all in the gaming industry.

      • NGX159

        Speaking of Western companies, I saw the G4 Icons (Miss that show) episode of Zelda which aired around 2004, and Cliff B. was such a fan of Nintendo then comes Gears of War and 360 in general, and he changed for the worse, just like Adam Sessler.

  • ApocRider

    Some of my picks:

    GOTY/Nintendo game: 3D world
    RPG: Fire Emblem Awakening
    Handheld Game: Pokemon x/y
    PS Game: GTA 5
    Casual Game: Animal Crossing New Leaf
    Best Voice Actor: Troy Baker (Bioshock Infinite)
    Best Shooter: Bioshock Infinite

    Yeah, as people have mentioned, there's too much dudebro stuff here. There should be more variety than that.

  • kerbizzle

    Oh, man… I may vote for FE and XY on different computers.

  • Anti

    I'm pretty sure the fanboys already set bots to vote repeatedly for them. :/

  • King_Sparkticle

    NINTENDO FANS UNITE! We will make this world Nintendo-stream again.

    Let's invade all of these sites, and show them that we matter! This is our ULTIMATE goal!

    Soon, when I start on my YouTube channel, I'll definitely advertise the shit out of this site, and become ultimately Nintendo-oriented to show everyone that we matter. Join me on our mission to RULE the world!

    • King_Sparkticle

      Game of the Year: Super Mario 3D World

      Best Action Adventure: Tomb Raider

      Best RPG: Fire Emblem Awakening

      Best DLC: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

      Best Nintendo Game: Super Mario 3D World

      Best Casual Game: Animal Crossing New Leaf

      Best Soundtrack: Bioshock Infinite

      Studio of the Year: Irrational Games

      Best Sports Game: NBA 2K14, they're all crap, but there's no way in HELL I'm supporting EA.

      Best Fighting Game: Injustice Gods Among Us

      Best XBOX Game: GTA V

      Best PC Game: Stanley Parable, HAS TO BE.

      Best Voice Actor: Willem Dafoe in Beyond Two Souls. Sorry, but the voice acting from Willem in that game is amazing.

      Best Song: UNDECIDED

      Best Shooter: Metro: Last Light, actually one of the best atmospheric shooters after STALKER.

      Best Indie Game: Papers, Please. I couldn't give Stanley a second award, but Papers Please is yet another almost perfect game. I loved it when I played through, and I recommend it to everyone.

      Best Driving Game: GRID 2, and that reminds me, didn't Codemasters say they had something in development for the Wii U when it launched? Where did that statement get flushed?

      Best PlayStation Game: GTA V and Tomb Raider already got awards, and I didn't really like The Last of Us, so I gave Rayman Legends the medal.

      Best Handheld Game: A Link Between Worlds

      Best Voice Actress: Ellen Page in Beyond Two Souls. Like I said, really quality voice acting. The game sucks, though.

      • RicardJulianti

        Wait….Blood Dragon is listed as DLC?

        How can it be DLC when you don't need Far Cry 3 to play it?

        • King_Sparkticle

          Well, it's arguably a separate game, yes, so it's pretty cheap that it's on the list. It's pretty obvious it will most likely win.

  • hardin25

    Who's hosting this year?

    • RicardJulianti

      Dorito Pope.

      For real though, .it'll probably be Aisha Tyler….who is a gamer girl….not a girl gamer.

      She's so awkward and it bothers me. Why not get Felicia Day or someone who isn't robotic and isn't like " OMG IM A GIRL THAT PLAYS GAMES! I'M SO COOL RIGHT GUYS? ^.^"

  • jcnba28

    The Spike Awards are a joke, they almost always only award american developers and games.

    • revolution5268

      I will in big shock if non of the nintendo games win in the handheld part.

      • eirik watz

        pretty sure sony has pasid for tearaway to win

  • Nathan

    I would have picked Shin Megami Tensei IV for RPG of the year if it was a choice personally, but I voted Fire Emblem Awakening

  • Why Im I Here

    FE: Awakening for best RPG,
    Wonderful 101 for Best Nintendo Game,
    SM3DW for Game of the Year
    Zelda for Best Handheld Game.
    AC: New Leaf for Best Casual Game
    BioShock Infinite for most Non-Nintendo parts.

  • hardin25

    i voted four times (twice in two categories) on 3D World, X/Y, and twice for AC:NL

  • MTLNintyGamer07

    I won’t vote until I play SM3DW and Link Between Worlds… On second thought, I’ll do it anyway.

  • Kraine

    Voting for The Wonderful 101 as Nintendo Game of the year and 3D Worlds as Game of the Year

    Picking zelda for the handheld game

  • NGX159

    I never understood the point of a televised VGA, and it's Spike so obviously dudebro crap has an advantage, and the whole celebrities being there and having live performances are again pointless. But I went ahead and voted for

    Best Nintendo Game and GOTY: 3D World
    Best Handheld: Link Between Worlds
    Best RPG(surprisingly, they're all JRPGs): FE Awakening.

    • WiiUExposed

      "I've been gaming since the 90's, my first game was Modern Warfare 2 on the 360"- pretty much every Spike guest for VGAs

      • NGX159

        sad….really sad

      • revolution5268

        whoever said that make no sense at all.

        • WiiUExposed

          actually nobody said it, i said it as a joke to how it's just nongamer celebrities who show up to the vg awards

    • RicardJulianti

      I do like the announcements that have come out of it though. Mass Effect 3, Arkham City and Skyrim were all announced in the same VGA's….it was amazing.

      Arkham City might have been the best game announced. Love me some Batman. I love Skyrim too…but damn it's buggy.

  • WiiUExposed

    Bias Spike awards indeed